Sunday, April 27, 2008

Claiming Their Mate

Book Title: Claiming Their Mate
Author: Paige McKellan
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1- 59998-915-8
Genre: Paranormal, Ménage (M/F/M)
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Ruby Minx

Jules Kingston has been destined from birth, as the eldest WereLioness of her family, to be the next Lioness of the White Sands Pride. When her fathers decided to step down three months earlier, they had put out a call for a pair of lions to mate with her and she is totally against taking a mate at 23 years of age. She had been hoping to spread her wings and do all the things she had planned for the next 10 years before settling down as Lioness with mates and a litter of cubs. Certainly she had no intention of being the mate to the two outstanding lions in the Pride, Gabriel and Lucas Beckett, who made her blood race and her hormones go into overdrive.

Gabriel and Lucas have waited for Jules to grow up and knew that they were predestined to mate with her, but first they must convince her that she is their soul mate. Jules, on the other hand, is so sick of all the WereLions pursuing her to present their case because they want to be the next Leo, some of them actually sniffing her while in human form that she is ready to scream. Just a few days earlier she had run one of her pursuers down because he wanted her to take him for a “test run” to see what it was like to be in bed with a lion in his prime. When he wouldn’t take no for an answer she rammed him with her car and broke both his legs.

Then Gabe comes home from the Navy Seals and together with his brother Luke they decide to claim their woman. Gabe and Luke kidnap Jules from her home as she is escaping from them, and take her to their ranch before she can leave. At first she resists their combined sexual attack but she is no match for them and soon finds herself in their bed. When they mate the sex is primal - pure lust and animal magnetism as their animal and human senses merge. Gabe and Luke double team Jules in every way to get her to agree that they are soul mates.

All three main characters in the book are very likeable and three dimensional. The two men are alpha males who have one objective and that is to claim their mate. Jules on the other hand wants to have a say in her life and won’t be forced into making such an important decision about her future without weighing what she would be giving up, even though her fathers appear to have chosen for her. Then the decision is made for her, two other WereLions challenge Luke and Gabe to a mate fight and whoever wins will have the privilege of impregnating her, thus taking away her options to decide her own life. To find out what happens next and who wins Jules, you will have to read the book.

Claiming Their Mate gives an interesting picture of the lives of these shapeshifters and Ms McKellan demonstrates great imagination in letting her readers into their world. This is a terrific story and for a first book, a most impressive debut.


Paige McKellan said...

Ruby -

Thank you for reviewing my book. I'm very happy you enjoyed it. Your comments made me smile.

-Paige McKellan

jessewave said...

I loved those two alpha lions and the way they claimed their woman - I mean werelioness - was to die for. WOW.

plutonica said...

This book was intense! I purchased the ebooks version in advance, and stayed up all night reading it. I had never read a shapeshifter book before this, and I found the concept of werelions extremely interesting and innovative. Definitely a good read.