Friday, July 18, 2008

One Too Many

Book Title: One Too Many
Author: Marie-Nicole Ryan
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-950-6
Genre: Mystery-Suspense
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Sphinx Minx

Miranda is on her honeymoon with Detective Chief Inspector David French, Earl of Middlebury, in this sequel to Ryan's Love On The Run. She's not ready for a life of leisure as lady of the manor, but she hasn't yet told David of her plans to buy an antique shop or two. Finding the owner of one of those shops dead and mutilated doesn't loosen her tongue. Randi tries to help her husband with the investigation, much to his dismay. Murder is dangerous business.

Kinsey Green is the small English village where three murders occur in four days. The small town gossip and characters are clearly portrayed. Detective Chief Inspector Wills Beecham is not happy to have David working on the crime in his turf.

The first victim was a ladies man and the women he was reportedly involved with were varied and diverse: an ex-model, a mannish gardener, a socialite and a hausfrau. Their husbands are equally unique, and there's a female business partner who stands to profit from his death.

A tattooed hairdresser and Randi's adorable son Jamie are also part of the well-written supporting cast.I liked the sense of place here and found this more real than the gadabout Europe nature of the earlier book. Ryan did a great job unraveling this complex tale just a bit at a time to keep the reader fully involved. The climax is fast-paced and harrowing. It's a great action packed suspense novel.

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Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

Many thanks, Sphinx Minx. This book was a joy to write. I loved revisitng the characters of David, Randi and Jamie. I'd never done a strict mystery/suspense before and I was very afraid everyone would know who the killer was entirely too soon.

I owe a debt of appreciation to UK author Kate Johnson who gave me everything from the local East Anglian weather report to all things British. I also had one of my MCRW members, Angela Britnell, also a Brit, who gave it the once over for my Britishisms.