Saturday, April 24, 2010

Duck Fart

Title: Duck Fart
Author: Jade Buchanan
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60168-275-8
Genre: {M/M/M} Paranormal
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Keith Malone, Bailey Mitchell and Drake McKale are at the Del Fantasma, a San Diego nightclub for both the supernatural and humans, owned by a vampire named Cody. Keith and Drake are there to relax with a drink and possibly meet someone for a sexual fling. Bailey is on a mission to join his best friend Adam. Sitting together at the bar, the sparks begin to fly between Bailey and Drake. However, there is also an instant attraction between the three men and only Drake realizes it is because they are mates.

Duck Fart is a fantastic, as well as hilarious, romance. The plot is well written and well paced. The developed characters have superb interaction. Keith is human; he knows he is fascinated by both Bailey and Drake but is not sure why. Keith is a carpenter who does occasional work for his friend Cody. He’s comfortable with the supernatural. Keith is an easy-going guy with a natural protective instinct towards the two smaller men. Bailey is a shy Siamese cat shifter. He travelled to San Diego in hopes of reuniting with Adam and breaking the grasp his father has on him. However, upon his arrival at the bar, Bailey recognizes Adam is already mated to a werewolf. A newly graduated engineer, Bailey is not aware that the magnetism he feels for Keith and Drake is actually a mating signal. Drake is a duck shifter with attitude. Independent, as well as highly educated, Drake hides his intelligence behind a brash persona. He is also grumpy and looking for a fight because every shifter he meets snickers at him since he is smaller than everyone else. When Drake decides to pick a fight with the shy, little kitty Bailey, he realizes Bailey, along with Keith, are his mates.

The amazing Jade Buchanan has created a splendid story with an entertaining theme, exhilarating, as well as adorable, characters in addition to delectable love scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed Duck Fart.

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