Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Title: More
Author: Sloan Parker
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60737-555-5
Genre: {M/M/M} Ménage, Suspense
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Luke Moore is sitting at Haven’s gay sex club bar when Matthew Stewart inquires if Luke is available for sex. Luke finds Matthew attractive and asks if he is interested in adding a third. Looking around the club, Luke makes eye contact with Richard Marshall. The three strangers retire to a room for what turns out to be the most explosive sex they have ever experienced. Before long, the three are living together; however Luke’s father is making dangerous threats to sever the three men’s relationship.

Sloan Parker's More is an entrancing plot of political greed and secrets. The suspense slowly builds to answer Luke’s question that has been haunting him for fifteen years - why his Senator father hates Luke’s life. The characters are especially believable. Because of whom his father is, Luke is constantly moving from place to place, trying to avoid the stalkers hired by his father to track him. Luke settles for one night stands so he can steer clear of falling in love again. Although the love he shares with Matthew and Richard forces Luke to stop running from his troubles. His present anxiety is how to save his lovers from his father’s wrath. Matthew is energetic, in addition to being the youngest of the three men. His optimistic intellect and supportive personality helps to maintain Luke and Richard’s logic, preventing them from acting impulsively when problems crop up. Richard is decisive, he is not afraid to go after what he wants. He directs their relationship with an unassuming calm manner; he detests living alone plus he declines to conceal his lovers from his business society. Each man has suffered heartbreak in the past; nowadays they work to preserve an equal partner loving connection with each other. The intimate scenes are breathtaking.

More is an impressive, as well as exceedingly enjoyable, story.

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