Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Plain View

Title: In Plain View
Author: J. Wachowski
Publisher: Carina Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781426890093
Genre: {M/F} Amish, Mystery
Rating: Golden Blush
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

Magdalena O'Hara vividly remembers the phone call that changed her life. Her ability to roam the world as a freelance reporter has tapered down to local coverage, thanks to her new role as guardian to her eight-year-old niece. However, the role of guardian seems simple, compared to her latest assignment. The images Maggie captures sets off a series of events, with people trying desperately to elude detection.

Desperate people create dangerous situations so Maggie will have to identify the culprits hiding In Plain View.

J. Wachowski’s latest novel is a brilliantly written mystery about the death of an Amish man and the chain of events leading up to the incident. For those who are looking for a steamy romance with plenty of erotic action, this book is not for you. However, if you are hoping to find a suspenseful novel filled with drama and characters that are written to keep you enthralled, your search is over.

Maggie’s character took over my senses from the first page. Strong, determined, fearless at times and honed in her craft, Maggie is the freelance reporter others strive to be like but fail miserably at duplicating. Even with a romance blooming, she doesn’t allow her focus to be swayed away from the bigger picture of figuring out how the pieces fit together for her story.

Maggie’s understanding of human nature is evenly matched by the sheriff. There was one point where he proved he would be the perfect man for this willful woman. He understood what makes Maggie tick, because they share a parallel life when it comes to seeing human suffering and getting a firsthand glimpse of the evil lurking in this world.

The way the story ended gives J. Wachowski some leeway to revisit Maggie and the sheriff in a sequel. From the setting to the supporting characters and the well developed plot, I loved this book from beginning to end. In Plain View is sure to capture a new fan base for this fantastic author.

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