Monday, August 2, 2010

Jager’s Mate

Title: Jager’s Mate
Author: Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59578-718-7
Genre: [M/F] Paranormal Shape-shifter
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

Daylen takes her job of being a cop seriously so when she comes across two men in an alley, fighting with swords, she steps in, ordering the men to put down their weapons. One man flees so swiftly, she can hardly track his movements but the other stands immobile, staring at her. At first the arrest of this huge man goes according to plan, until she suddenly finds herself pinned to the ground and he’s kissing her—and she doesn’t want him to stop.

Jager has waited centuries to find his mate and one whiff of the determined cop trying to arrest him and he knows the one woman meant for him is within his grasp. She’s beautiful, sexy and, he’s relieved to learn, also tough enough to survive as a werewolf’s mate. After one kiss of the little spitfires soft lips and Jager knows he’ll do whatever’s necessary to claim the woman as his own. The question is how to do it when every time Daylen sees Jager, she tries to arrest him.

Jager’s Mate is the newest release in Marisa Chenery’s current shape-shifter series, Roxie’s Protectors.

Daylen and Jager are interesting characters—both are dedicated, determined and ready to battle for what they believe is right. Their relationship starts off a little unusually, but I appreciated the creative twist of a sword fight in an alley and an almost arrest.

Ms. Chenery did a nice job bringing in the characters from the previous release, giving the book a good sense of fun, love and family. I particularly enjoyed the bantering interaction between Jager and Leif and Jager and Roxie; those snippets of conversation had me chuckling. Another aspect I enjoyed was Daylen and her ability to physically and verbally stand up to her mate—she isn’t a shrinking violet type of woman, but a strong-willed and determined cop who’s used to taking care of herself. Daylen’s a woman created to perfection for a werewolf protector; I just wish the reader had been privy to a little more of her personal background information—because it was pretty slim.

The book revolves around Jager and the claiming of his mate—with a little help from his extended family. The bad guy of this series, Miles and his men, play a very small part in the overall plot of this release and that occurs in the last few pages. I’m of the opinion that the plot would have benefited from a little more action on that potentially dangerous conflict front.

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