Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Beast (Collection)

Title: The Beast (Collection)
Author: Reneé George
Publisher: Changeling Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60521-436-8
Genre: {M/M and More} Vampires
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Taking Back Control - 4 Nymphs
Recently turned vampire, Doctor Nathan Greer is fast losing control over the beast that resides inside of him. Sexual arousal ignites his urge to feed and kill. After an almost fatal incident, Nathan seeks the solace of master vampire Guillermo Perez. Along with the mutual attraction they share, Guillermo agrees to teach Nathan how to embrace the bloodlust dwelling within him.

Eat Your Heart Out -
4 Nymphs
An ancient Egyptian vampire is looking to blame Guillermo for the deaths of three vampires have been murdered.

Old Ways, New Days -
3 Nymphs
Nathan suddenly becomes master to a Viking vampire, Tyrsgard Madds; they are everlastingly bound. However, Guillermo is unwilling to share Nathan with Tyr.

Soul Tripping -
3 Nymphs
Guillermo buys a mansion to house Nathan’s pregnant ex-fiancée, as well as Nathan’s bonded servant Tyrsgard Madds, plus Gui’s assistant, Nadine.

Rock the Line -
3 Nymphs
Nathan discovers his daughter is magical when she is able to hurl Nathan twenty-five years into the future where the shocking truth is revealed.

Encounter: The Beast Revisited -
4 Nymphs
This is the bonus story which is a scene of intimacy with Nathan and Guillermo, expressing their love for each other.

The Beast (Collection) is comprised of five stories previously released as the Beast series: Taking Back Control, Eat Your Heart Out, Old Ways, New Days, Soul Tripping, and Rock the Line, as well as a bonus short story, The Beast Revisited. Each story introduces a new action packed dilemma, in addition to new secondary characters, which Nathan and Guillermo have direct contact with. The well written plots are set in Kansas City, Missouri. The characters are believable. Nathan was turned into a vampire against his will and has been trying to live a normal human life for three years. When Nathan sought help from Guillermo, the last thing Nathan ever expects is to fall in love with a man.

Guillermo is Kansas City’s oldest vampire and owner of a nightclub. He has desired Nathan since Nathan was turned by one of Guillermo’s submissives. Together Nathan and Guillermo must do battle with a jealous ex-lover, a 700-year-old Viking blood servant, a mother who interferes, an obsessive faction of ancient vampires along with a magical baby. In every episode, Nathan and Guillermo engage in electrifying sex, sometimes as a couple, other times in ménages. Because vampires are bisexual in these stories, male/male as well as male/female sexual activities are featured. Reneé George has created an impressive collection that I enjoyed greatly.

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