Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Defy the World Tomatoes

Title: Defy the World Tomatoes
Author: Phoebe Conn
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60928-242-4
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary, Suspense
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Goddess Minx

Needing stability in her life, Darcy MacLeod is building that with a friend by starting a nursery/gift shop in a small coastal town. Her childhood was spent as an Army brat, traveling the world and now as an adult, she has a bad track record with past relationships. In walks Griffin Moore and she knows that he will keep her off balanced when he’s around. She spends a lot of time promoting the business, but still finds time to figure out her feelings for him.

A famous concert pianist and Interpol informant, Griffin Moore needs to slow down and find some peace in his life. When he purchases a home and building for a recording studio in Monarch Bay, it’s the start of his friendship with Darcy. From the beginning, he demands honesty from her and gives it of himself, until his second secretive life interferes. Thus the adventure begins for them.

Defy the World Tomatoes kind of threw me with the title, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying reading about the stubborn determination of the owners of a nursery/gift shop. These two ladies are completely opposite in personalities and yet complement each other with their ability to succeed in business. The prologue set the stage for me to know what the storyline would be in the book and gave me a feel for the hero and heroine. I did expect more from the villain, since he was portrayed as a heartless bad guy, and he did show his true colors later in the story.

I love the way Ms. Conn used the setting of a small town but still managed to keep the overall picture of world travel in it. She created a believable plot of what a normal lifestyle, and how espionage can mess up every-day lives. There are so many vivid details in the description of the Zen garden, water fountain and beautifully landscaped yards, making the story more realistic for me. When he started out, most of the music Griffin played were from other composers but he eventually created his own and I wanted to hear every note he played.

Griffin Moore had too many underlying secrets that came to light for Darcy to overlook, and she gets a little spooked when she figures out what he is trying to hide. Griffin had a heart of gold, and to me it seemed like he needed Darcy for some stability in his life. Darcy is so expressive with her honest answers, when she gave them, and it is surprising how easily she sabotaged their relationship with negative talk. These two argued like most couples do, and yet I found them amusing with their ways of showing love.

The secondary characters contributed greatly to the story line, and helped me to better understand the plot. The ending of this book is filled with knowledge that Griffin and Darcy found disturbing, and I won’t give it away.

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