Monday, March 14, 2011


Title: Alinor
Author: Roberta Gellis
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419931642
Genre: {M/F} Historical
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Goddess Minx

Alinor is numb and in mourning after Simon’s death. In the meanwhile, she is moving on with her life of raising her children and she doesn’t know yet of the attention she will soon get from the King. Alinor has always been devious in her planning of what needs to be done on her lands, and protecting those that are closest to her. When Ian de Vipont arrives, she is happy to see him, and knows that he is there to support her in her time of sorrow.

Ian de Vipont, now a lord and former squire of Sir Simon, has loved Alinor from the first time he laid eyes on her. He has been told, in confidence by one of his friends, of the King’s plan to marry her off to one of his despicable henchmen. Ian is granted leave from the war in France and he’s determined to protect her from John’s revengeful plot, by taking her as his wife.

Alinor is the second book of six in The Roselynde Chronicles and I have thoroughly enjoying reading about this feisty woman, who can hold her own among men. I am impressed with the loyalty shown Alinor from her vassals and other people she cares for. As for the villain, I so hoped he would die of some horrid disease or something, with his meddling of others.

After reading Alinor, I must say that I am happy I don’t live in that time period. I am a little disgusted as to how much the King’s involvement with some of the subject’s lives, plotting and trying to do away with some of them for his own benefit. There is such deceit, hatred and murder done to gain lands not earned by the people and woe to the ones without any wealth.

So many times, Ian reminded me of Simon, especially when he was yelling at Alinor and I noticed it’s because of the love they had for each other. Their arguments are very colorful and intense at times, but Ian and Alinor truly belonged together. There are a few books I have read by Ms. Gellis and I look forward to adding more to my list. Read and enjoy.

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