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Title: Joanna
Author: Roberta Gellis
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419931703
Genre: {M/F} Historical, Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Goddess Minx

Joanna is the oldest child of Simon and Alinor. She is next in line to become the Lady of Roselynde and takes her responsibilities seriously. She is so much like her father in most ways and because she loves her mother, she obeys without question. Joanna grew up with Geoffrey, a squire to her step-father, and they have spent a lot of time together during the years of their youth.

Knowing that she is to be Geoffrey’s wife leaves her content in her choice and yet unsure of her deep passion for him. She has not talked with her mother much of what is to be expected between a man and woman, which leaves her a little frightened. Her intelligence and knowledge of King John’s past history and his flamboyant court prepares her to avoid being caught up in any scandal that would be started by those who didn’t like her.

One thing I have noticed since I started reading this series is that most of the characters seem to have a hard time expressing themselves calmly. Almost every time, there is an angry outburst drawn from the wrong conclusions and then laughter or no explanation until a later time.

Joanna is the third book in The Roselynde Chronicles and it’s just as intriguing and filled with suspense, laughter and other emotions as the previous releases. Here I was thinking that life would settle down for Alinor and Ian, Joanna’s parents, but I forgot about the king and queen, who have a deep flare for controlling and/or hating their court. Little do these royal persons they know that they may have met their match in Joanna and Geoffrey, since these two have a bond that is stronger than even they are aware.

The story unfolded to be a little daunting for me with the arrogance of a king who thought that he could manipulate his people without repercussion. When he learns of the deceit from the very person he never expected, it made things even worse. Ms. Gellis is one of my favorite authors and she has opened up for me a world of understanding that could never be closed again. Her storytelling is spectacular with the realness of life during an era that has wars, plots, murder and deceit that could result in unnecessary deaths.

Geoffrey and Joanna really proved to have what it took to withstand all the drama that went on around them. Also they learned much about each other while growing up and after they were married, life became more frustrating for them when they were forced to be apart. I think, if not for the wars started by the king, their relationship might not have gone so well. My reason for that is both Geoffrey and Joanna are two strong-willed persons and instead of taking the time to learn, they expected each other to give in easily.

Knowing all I have read so far, I am looking forward to how this series will continue to play out. There is so much that will be revealed, whether good or bad on everyone’s part, but mostly I look to learn about some of the secondary characters that were affected by Joanna and Geoffrey.

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