Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Inventor’s Companion

Title: The Inventor’s Companion
Author: Ariel Tachna
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-61581-823-5
Genre: {M/M} Fantasy, Steampunk
Rating: Recommended Read
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx            

The people of the world in which Gabriel Blackstone lives are divided by a caste system that no one can escape. As an inventor in the merchant class, he spends his time devising items the rich aristocrats will buy so he and his assistants, Caleb and Andrew, have enough money to survive. His routine life changes when they purchase time with a companion…a member of the pleasure caste for his birthday.  Gabriel believes in equality and almost refuses the gift but then his meets the alluring Lucio and he’s smitten. 

After that day, Gabriel can’t stop thinking about Lucio and when they meet at a ball, it becomes clear their chemistry isn’t a fluke and it can’t be ignored. Their caste system is against them and it’ll take cunning and all the help of their many friends to get Lucio out of the pleasure house that abuses him. No matter how difficult the road and despite how much money is needed to buy Lucio’s contract, Gabriel knows that having his lover at his side for the rest of his life will be worth it.

The Inventor’s Companion is the newest release by multi-published author Ariel Tachna. I haven’t read much in the steampunk genre, but the author met and exceeded my expectations with this well thought-out creative plot filled with alternative history components. The story is packed with fascinating characters, vivid details and great descriptions of costumes, customs, homes and living conditions within the caste system, all making the world in which Gabriel and Lucio lived come alive. 

The richness of the plot and the uniqueness of the characters and world caught my attention from the beginning and just wouldn’t let go. The chemistry between Gabriel and Lucio is intense and passionate, with the sparks flying as they meet and build their relationship under the most trying of circumstances. But they aren’t alone in their struggle because Ms. Tachna has also created some wonderful secondary characters to help them. Add all these components together with severe physical pain, emotional abuse, angst and unfairness and you have everything needed for a keeper book. I’d like a sequel please.

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Ariel Tachna said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! A sequel is on the agenda, although I don't have any real idea how long it will take for me to finish it along with everything else I have going.