Friday, August 19, 2011

Ranger’s Folly

Title: Ranger’s Folly
Author: Stephani Hecht
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-923-6
Genre: {M/M}, Shape-shifter, Series
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph 

Ranger will do anything to ensure his friend Riley stays safe and happy, even take down Riley’s twin brother, Xavier.  Only Ranger never expected to be drawn to the spunky eagle shifter. 

Ranger’s Folly is the newest addition to The Lost Shifters series.  This story was a great read and I enjoyed the characters, even the secondary ones.  When the story began I was actually a little surprised by Xavier.  When Riley’s Regret ended, and we were given a glimpse of Xavier, I remembered him being a little more on the tough side.  However as Ranger’s Folly goes along, the reason for Xavier’s change is explained, in fact, it plays a key point in the story.  The connection between Ranger and Xavier is intense from the time they meet.  I liked that Ranger’s wolf did not need a lot of time to understand the reasoning for their connection, giving the reader more time with the two as a couple.  The two men do have a few problems to overcome however, least of which is the side effects of the drug Xavier had been taking.  As the two shifters learn to cope with their new relationship, Xavier must also learn to live with members of the coalition, people he had always been told to hide from.   

There is also the introduction of a couple of new characters, both of whom are Raven shifters.  These Ravens are nothing like the ones readers have come to know and I can’t wait to see what the author’s plans are for Chance.   

Ranger’s Folly is another great addition to the author’s ongoing series and, while each story can be read alone, readers would have a better understanding of the background story if the books are read in order.

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