Saturday, November 12, 2011


Title: Nickolas
Author:  Kathi S. Barton
Publisher:  World Castle Publishing
ISBN:  9781937085421
Genre:  {M/F} Contemporary
Rating:  5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

She didn’t want to apply for the secretary job, but Morgan Becky had no choice.  A job was supposed to help her make amends and put her on the right track again.  Morgan needed something good to happen to her because up until this point, life had not been kind. The arrogant, stuffy man conducting the interview was not making her feel hopeful about her chances.  Men always seemed to cause problems for Morgan, so why should he be any different? 

Not even certain if the stubborn woman could type, Nickolas Grant hires Morgan against his better judgment.  Trouble seemed to follow her like the Pied Piper and Nickolas didn’t welcome the disruption to his orderly life.  He knew Morgan’s type and Nickolas wasn’t going to fall for any of her tricks.  However, something about her stirred up feelings Nickolas wasn’t expecting and definitely didn’t want. 

After finally accepting the help she was offered, you would think things would be good for Morgan, but that wasn’t the case.  Even with a job, a place to live and the support of Nickolas’ family, Morgan still has problems adjusting.  Even her silver linings had clouds.  She was paid a good salary, but she couldn’t cash her paychecks.  When I say nothing was easy, I’m not whistling Dixie.   At one point I was literally praying that nothing else went wrong for Morgan, yet my prayers went unanswered.  The average person would have given up long ago, but not Morgan.  At times, her loneliness touched me so deeply, I had to stop reading. It broke my heart when I discovered how Morgan had set up her bathroom in her apartment.   

Nickolas is going to rouse strong emotion from readers, just as he did with Morgan.  When it came to dealing with her, everything that came out of his mouth was the wrong thing to say. His intentions were good, but his delivery…damn.  He even ruined their first sexual encounter and that was the moment that I wanted to kill him myself.  Each time Morgan hung up on Nickolas, ignored him, or totally disregarded his demands, I nearly died from laughing at his fury.  In all honesty, he deserved it.  And if it’s sick for me to derive pleasure because his brothers threatened to do Nickolas bodily harm over Morgan, then I’m sorry. I fell in lust with each one of them.  And I’d love to have Nickolas’ mother as my own. 

There are so many memorable moments in this story, but the one that had me choking from laughter precedes Nickolas waking up in the emergency room.  I loved every moment of this story and every character. I was hooked from beginning to end.  Nickolas shows a chaotic side of romance and how things can work out perfectly in any situation.  I barely closed the pages on this story before I started telling friends they had to read this story.  These Grant brothers know how to take care of a woman, especially when she has no desire to be taken care of.  If you like knights in shining armor who make you want to strangle them, then you must read Nickolas.  Nothing is going to keep me from reading The Grant Brothers series.

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Charlotte Blackwell said...

What an amazing review. I've read the Grant Brothers and completly agee. Ms.!arton has a talent like I've never seen before, I know you will love each book in the series more than the last just as I did.