Monday, May 7, 2012

Mutegi’s Sweet One

Title: Mutegi’s Sweet One
Author: Charlie Richards
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Publisher’s URL:
ISBN/BIN:  978-1-77111-132-4
Genre: {M/M}, Paranormal, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph 

Pulling over to help some stranded motorist, Mutegi never imagines that he’ll find his mate.  Only when they meet, Mutegi believes Ben is married with a small child.  When the truth comes out, Mutegi can’t wait to claim his mate. 

Although Mutegi’s Sweet One is the first book in the Kontra’s Menagerie series, this is not the first time we have met the bikers.    Mutegi and his fellow bikers were introduced in Through Dagus’s Eyes, book seven in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series and I couldn’t wait to get started on this new series.  The characters are interesting and, like the first series, this one centers on a group of shifters who have banded together for reasons of their own.  Members of Kontra’s Menagerie do not come from the same shifter family and Mutegi’s animal is a warthog, something I never thought I would see in a romance story, especially as a main character. The unusual mix of shifters is one of the things that keeps Ms. Richards’ book fresh and why I look forward to each new story. 

Ben is a young man on the run with his sister and her baby.  Hoping to get the two to his family’s home, where there will be help keeping them safe from his sister’s abusive ex, Ben is worried when their car breaks down and even more concerned when a group of bikers show up to help.  The connection between Mutegi and Ben is present from the start, but the deception that Ben is hoping will keep him and his sister safe keeps the men apart.   When the air is cleared up and the men get together, the passion heats up the pages.   

Trouble ends up finding the group of travelers and when it does, Mutegi’s secret is revealed.  There is a fight scene that is over the top but I could not imagine it going any other way.  The other shifters make excellent secondary characters and I can’t wait to see each of them getting stories of their own.  This new series is sure to bring the author many new fans, and Mutegi’s Sweet One is one I will be reading again.

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