Wednesday, August 1, 2012

North’s Complication

Title: North’s Complication
Author: Stephani Hecht
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Publisher’s URL:
ISBN/BIN:  978-1-77111-225-3
Genre: {M/M}, Paranormal, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph 

North can’t help feeling something for the young Tiger shifter but family obligations means he has to put those feelings aside.  Dominic craves North, but once the doctor comes clean about his fiancé, the Tiger shifter knows he can no longer stick around. 

North’s Complication is the latest book in Ms. Hecht’s ever growing series, The Lost Shifters.  North is the coalition’s therapist, Dominic is one of the coalition’s many warriors, but he’s also keeping a secret that he’s worried will bring everything down on his head.  There is a connection between the men that readers will be able to see from the beginning, but the conflicts keeping them apart cause quite a bit of angst.   North’s Asian background makes it easy to understand why he feels compelled to follow his family’s wishes, yet I couldn’t help wanting to smack him for the way he waited to tell Dominic.  Dominic, on the other hand, is both fragile and tough.  You can almost guess what is about to happen, yet it still took me by surprise.  The way the author portrayed North’s feelings of guilt came across realistically, as did the way the couple’s friends gathered around them.   

There are many twists and turns in this story that hold the readers interest.  While many of the secondary characters are individuals we already know, there were a few new members of the coalition introduced.  I liked the way in which the author wrapped this story up and can’t wait to see what else she has planned.

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