Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Younger Man

Author: Cameron Dane
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-59578-952-5
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

After years of marriage and two kids, Noah Maitland came out of the closet. Now he’s trying to make a new life. One that still revolves around his two sons, while allowing him to date…the dating isn’t going well. Noah can’t find anyone in his small town he’s interested in that’s appropriate for his age.

Zane Halliday’s cared for his young siblings for five years. Paying the bills is often difficult and when he gets behind, things turn desperate. When Zane meets Noah, he and the kids have just been evicted from their apartment and have nowhere to go.  When Noah offers them a place to stay, Zane doesn’t know what to think. It’s not long before Zane starts having fantasies about Noah and is jealous of the men he’s dating…and Zane always thought he was straight. But is he? Can he convince Noah to forget about their age difference? Can they make a life together? And what about Noah’s kids?

A Younger Man is the newest release in Cameron Dane’s Cabin Fever series. Sirus and Grey, last seen in 2009’s Grey’s Awakening make appearances in minor roles, but if you haven’t read the others books, this one can be read as a standalone.

What to say. I guess the first thing would be that this one took me longer than usual to read. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it but I think it’s because there’s so much emotion swirling around Zane and Noah. Their growing relationship is complicated and then to add in Noah’s ex, his kids, Zane’s two siblings, his financial difficulties and family trouble and there’s enough strife to drive two sane men crazy. But it’s in these fine nuances of relationships and feelings that’s Ms. Dane excels. She makes the lives and personalities of her characters come alive.

I enjoyed Noah and Zane and like that they start off as friends before becoming lovers. The description of Zane’s family history is well done and I enjoyed the scenes with his siblings. Noah’s kids are also integrated nicely into the plot, as is his parents. Then there’s the sex. It’s sizzling hot, but their being together is also sweet, tender and caring. Ms. Dane has definitely written them as a well-rounded and believable couple.

There are problems to face and Ms. Dane handles them well. Coming out, dealing with disapproving parents, handling your growing kids when you’re out of the closet, bigotry and hate. It’s not that you’re beat over the head with any one issue but they are present, so overall Ms. Dane has done her job. She’s given us a good story and made us think.

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