Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Injustice of Being

Author: Carol Lynne
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-78184-109-9
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Series
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

When a jury lets Paul “Jigger” Robinson, the man he believes raped him, go free on a mistrial, Eric Kloiber’s devastated because it seems likely Jigger won’t see the inside of a courtroom again. Will James, the detective in charge of the case, has come to care for Eric and seeing him so upset has him determined to find more evidence against Jigger. Unfortunately nothing pans out in the case, but he and Eric grow closer to the point of starting an affair that could get him thrown off the case if they’re discovered.

Eric realizes Will is doing everything possible but he’s determined to find something to prove Jigger was responsible. It puts him in a dangerous position, one that could end up costing Eric more than he could ever imagine. Can Eric and Will’s new relationship survive?

The Injustice of Being in the latest release in Carol Lynne’s Campus Craving series. It’s the continuing story of what happened to Eric in Locky in Love, so I recommend reading it first.

At the end of the previous release, I was left with many questions about Eric. I’m happy to say that with this quick look into his life, you’ll likely find the answers you’re looking for.  I like him. He was brutalized and still managed to come out stronger in the end. The descriptions of his emotional pain are handled well, as is Will’s concern for him. And I like Will. He’s a dedicated detective and a caring man. His personality and background just isn’t as developed as Eric’s. I enjoyed the returning secondary characters and getting to see the pieces of the court case and investigation. I particularly enjoyed Eric’s new roommate Rusty. His part isn’t huge but he added something special I can’t put my finger on, and I look forward to seeing him in a future book.

My niggles:
  1. Eric was raped but there’s no mention of counseling.
  2. Because of his emotional pain, Eric’s getting drunk frequently but it’s glossed over.
  3. No mention’s made of how the rape and drinking is affecting his classes.
  4. Where did Professor Manuel Corto Delgado and Professor Adam Ryan come from? I can’t find them in any of the books but they appear here as if the reader should know who they are. I’m confused about them.
I guess that’s it. Despite the areas where I had issues, I still enjoyed the book and as a long time reader of the series, I look forward the next one.

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