Monday, December 10, 2012

Fangs & All

Title: Fangs & All
Author: Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-62242-027-8
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Paranormal
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Garret Kane owns a bar and loves it, but dealing with his unreliable employees and rowdy customers are both annoying and hard work. Some days nothing goes right. On the day Samuel Harden shows up looking for a job as a bouncer, things are definitely looking up. The sexy man is just his type.

When Samuel accepts the job with Kane, he has a few secrets. He’s on the run from his family—his coven and he’s a vampire. He also doesn’t have permission to be in the territory where Kane’s bar is located, which could get him in lots of trouble—or dead. Getting involved with a human is dangerous for them both and when problems come knocking at their door, it’s up to Kane to rescue his lover before fate deals them a fatal hand.

Fangs & All is a new paranormal release by Stormy Glenn. It’s entertaining, fun, fast-paced and has a nice role reversal premise. Sam, while bigger and a vampire, is  submissive by nature. It’s an unusual twist for a vampire and made for some interesting scenes and angst filled emotions for Sam to deal with. He’s a unique individual I liked a lot. Then there’s Kane. He’s human but that doesn’t stop him from being the dominant in their relationship. Putting these two together is a great pairing and while they became a couple a little fast, for a paranormal romance it worked.

There are lots of secondary vampire characters—some good and several from Sam’s old coven who are definitely bad. They all add flair to the story, along with danger, betrayal, action and even friendship. Fangs & All could easily be turned into a series, as there are several vamps who I’d like to know more about. Hint. Hint. 

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