Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flirting With Danger

Author:  Elizabeth Lapthorne
Publisher:  Total-E-Bound
Publisher URL:  www.total-e-bound.com
ISBN/BIN:  978-0-85715-963-2
Genre:  {M/F}, Mystery, Series
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

The lunch date Skye was supposed to have with her father turns into a run for her life.  After she contacts Jack, they start working to find her father in order to get him back but find out there is a mole in the agency her father works for.

Flirting With Danger is the first book in The Agency series and the author starts it off with a bang, literally.  Ms. Lapthorne keeps the suspense going in this very fast-paced story.  I did have to laugh at part of the ending though, as I did guess that part of it as I read.

There are a few secondary characters that move the story along and we will be sure to see in future stories.  Skye and Jack aren’t sure who to trust, but know they have to take the chance on her father’s partner, Garth.  There was one character that I felt like slapping as she seemed more interested in questioning things instead of acting once the reason Skye’s father was taken come to light.

The chemistry between Skye and Jack is very intense.  Both are surprised at how quickly they seem to connect and talk about a future together, despite all the intrigue going on. 

I am looking forward to reading this series as there are a few things that were left hanging.  I am looking forward to reading about some of the characters introduced in Flirting With Danger.

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