Monday, March 11, 2013

Summer Rain

Title: Summer Rain
Author: A.J. Lewellyn & D.J. Manly
Publisher: Silver Publishing
ISBN/BIN: 9781614958864
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Series
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

When a meeting in Dallas doesn’t go as expected, Vice Detective Nicholas Fournier is ready to go back to Canada. A quick stop at a bank changes his life when he’s caught in the middle of a heist and comes to the aide of US Marshal Jubilee Mason.  While Jubilee recuperates from a gunshot wound, Nicholas has the opportunity to met Sean, a new Marshall and they hit it off, making him consider staying in Dallas a little longer. Nicholas likes Sean and he likes what he hears about the Marshall Service. Within just a few days his life has changed—Nicholas is involved with the closeted Sean and considering not just extending his vacation but an offer to become a Marshall himself.

Summer Rain is the new release in the Orgasmic Texas Dawn series. Nicholas and Sean are introduced but because Jubilee and Kieran continue to play a prominent role, the books should be read in order.

Opening the story with Jubilee and Kieran before pulling Nicholas and Sean into the plot is an unexpected way to start off. It gives readers an update on what’s happened with the established characters before moving the story forward. It’s a nice ploy to make readers comfortable before jumping into the first action scene—the bank heist.  In fact, I enjoyed these first scenes where all the characters are interacting and Nicholas and Sean get acquainted. These are some of the finest in the book.

I like both new men—Nicholas the most, as I have a better feel for his personality. It’s not that I don’t like Sean; he’s just younger and I need to get to know him better. Yet he relates well with Nicholas and their relationship, while fast, is believable. The imagery is vivid, there’s plenty of sizzling passion and there’s a potential present for an exciting undercover operation. For me the ending scenes fell flat. I just didn’t feel any of the danger the guys experienced and the case is resolved much easier than I expected. According to the author’s website, the next release, Autumn Breeze, is expected in April. Look for it.

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