Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sinful Resurrection

Title:   Sinful Resurrection
Author:  Kennedy Layne
Publisher:  Kennedy Layne Publications (Barnes & Noble)
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN:  2940148851233
Genre:  {M/F}, BDSM, Series
Rating:  5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

Jax helped the love of his life fake her death but suddenly she is in CSAs offices needing help to stay alive.  Emily used those two years to gather evidence so she could return to Jax and have a normal life.

Sinful Resurrection, the second book in the Crest Security Agency series, brings an NSA agent back from the dead.  I thought this story was timely considering the headlines and discussions in the news regarding the NSA. The author did some research regarding the United Nations and the NSA, along with several points regarding both and this book involves the United Nations itself.  The author did a great job keeping my interest in this intriguing story.

There were several people involved with both bodies that I just wanted to slap.  Ryland was a great character and it looks like he is going to make an appearance in at least one book in the future.

Jax had a lot of trust issues when it came to Emily.  Because of her job, she had lied to him, but also ended up falling in love with Jax.  This was a major issue they had to work out.  Jax also had issues with Emily not being forthcoming about her real job, but he finally makes peace with it.  Once they worked through their issues, the chemistry between them went through the roof.  The scenes Jax came up with are hot.  There were quite a few references to ‘safe, sane and consensual’ regarding BDSM.

The rest of the team from CSA made their appearances as things progressed.  I loved the fact that Connor turned the tables on Jax regarding his relationship with Emily.  There are a few issues that are sure to appear in future books regarding individual characters of the team at CSA. 

This series should be read in order.  I know I will be reading this book again.

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