Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love of the Wild

Author: Susan Laine
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 
ISBN:  978-1-62798-508-6
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Jim Faulkner never dreamed his werewolf research would lead him into discovering a mate.  Nevertheless, Jim’s true mate Dakotah is determined to maintain a solitary life in the wild. 

Love of the Wild is the fifth book in the Lifting the Veil series. The central theme of the series is two parallel worlds co-existing for centuries until the barriers were torn away, revealing a paranormal world to humans. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone manuscript.

Love of the Wild features an intriguing plot of a different type of werewolves.  Progenitors are the powerful immortal rulers in the werewolf hierarchy.  The characters are out of the ordinary. Jim is an intelligent man in his forties who enjoys adventures. He has a congenial personality with an unassuming self esteem. Jim writes travel books and nature articles for magazines. However, Jim’s thrill seeking days have slowed down over the years. Jim took the werewolf assignment in an attempt to contend with the younger men in his career field.

Dak first appears to have a hostile personality but he uses solitude as a defense to avoid heartbreak. He is however, the compassionate strong silent type. Dak knows immediately that Jim is his mate although only the possibility of permanently losing Jim to another spurs Dak into making amends with his mate.

Susan Laine has created an amazing romance that I enjoyed immensely. I especially enjoyed the amusing character interaction in Love of the Wild.

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