Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can’t Let You Go

Author: Sidda Lee Tate
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN: 9781940744360
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rose Nymph

Cop Ty Sellers has accepted his lot in life. He has accepted he won’t get his happy ending, not that it upsets him; he doesn’t think he deserves it after all. He can go through the motions but the things he has seen and been through in the past has caused him to slam up a wall so tall and so thick, no one is ever getting in. At least, that’s what he thought, before he met Lynette Brooks...

Lynette is a bit of a drifter, never really finding that one place to settle down and call home. She likes to travel, likes the adventure; certainly doesn’t plan on staying long in Pineville, but fate would have it that her path crosses with Ty’s. Serious and brooding, bordering on downright rude at times...but Lynette isn’t fooled. There is a kind, protective, giving heart buried deep beneath the cool facade. She is definitely attracted to the man – he takes care of his body as well as he protects his heart – and she can tell the attraction is mutual.

There is some serious chemistry at work that could result in something truly scorching, but be careful, Ty. You can only push a woman so far... 

Can’t Let You Go is book 4 of The Night series, but can be read as a standalone story. The story was well paced and easy to follow. Ty and Lynette captured my attention. I was interested in their back stories and wanted to keep reading to see if/how they could work together as a couple. The author really did a good job with the chemistry between the two. I appreciate that it must be quite difficult to write a character like Ty, to keep him likeable while he doesn’t like himself. He’s trying so hard to push others away and hide his vulnerability, which endeared him to me, but sometimes he was a bit too harsh for my liking. It’s a pretty good characterization, I just don’t know if I could have been as strong and patient as Lynette when confronted with it. I had an easier time with Lynette – I liked her and wanted her happy. I would recommend this to fans of the genre. It’s written in such a way that you meet other characters that I’m sure are the leads in the other books of the series, so if you like this, you can go explore the rest of their lives.

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