Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beyond the Compound

Author:  Claire Thompson
Publisher:  Romance Unbound Publishing
Publisher URL:
Genre:  {M/F}, BDSM
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph

Hailey is the object of a bidding war when her six month contract is put out for her services as a slave.  It is bought by the nation’s latest heart-throb in Hollywood, Ronan.  Ronan is pleasantly surprised that Hailey has no idea who he is. 

Beyond the Compound is a wonderful story about one lifestyle choice within the BDSM community.  The Compound is a well-known BDSM Club and training facility for both Doms/Masters and submissives, especially if you want to have a high protocol sub.  I liked the way the author showcased that the submissive would get half the proceeds so they would not lose anything when they went back to their life.

Ronan and Hailey are well suited for each other and both start to fall for the other, though they aren’t sure how to proceed.  The author showcased what happens when a celebrity’s life is under constant scrutiny and, as a result, Hailey and Ronan finally admit their feelings for each other.

I loved what happens when they return to The Compound and the author gives readers more glimpses of the club.  Those familiar with the lifestyle will really enjoy some of the scenes that follow. 

I really enjoyed this book and think it should be on the bookshelf of those that enjoy BDSM stories.  This is one to read again and again.

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Donna said...

Great review for a book I really enjoyed!