Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Between Good & Evil

Author: LM Brown
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishers
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781784303006          
Genre: M/M/M Paranormal Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Tristan is a demon, turned by his former companion Lawrence, who is in truth an incubus. In exchange for his restored memories of his lovers Machidiel and Alastor, Tristan must become Lawrence’s trainee or find a human to replace Tristan. Another dilemma for Tristan, Machidiel and Alastor is an innocent human is wrongfully trapped in the underworld.

Between Good & Evil is the second book in the Heavenly Sins series. The plot has a religious hypothesis that is closer to realism than some Christian viewpoints. The characters are fascinating.

Tristan is an ethical man who was deceptively turned into a demon. Tristan didn’t want this life and has done his best to be the same good man he was when he was mortal. Although he is a subordinate in the underworld, he has more power than the demon king.

Mac is an angel on a mission to save the souls of his two demon lovers Tristan and Alastor. Saving Alastor is a challenge since Alastor was demonized for a sin committed during his human life. Mac has met with several challenges as well as been disciplined by the archangels for Alastor and Tristan‘s actions.

Alastor is an expert at mind manipulation, yet he has withdrawn from his demon activities. Alastor’s sole focus is his lover’s wellbeing. Alastor’s capacity to love helps to inspire a possible redemption in his future.

An interesting observation of the archangels is that they are aware of all the events in progress, yet they are forbidden to interfere with destiny. Tristan, Mac, and Alastor must choose their own path as they struggle through one crisis after another.   

L.M. Brown has created an enjoyable as well as an Impressive saga illustrating resentment, vengeance, hatred as well as distressing chaos. Tristan is a good example of bad things happening to good people. I kept hoping for deliverance; however Between Good & Evil sadly has a bitter ending. 

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