Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Rover Bold

Title:  The Rover Bold
Author:  Anna Markland
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Publisher URL:  http://www.amazon.com
Genre:  {M/F}  Medieval 
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph

Vikings are warriors who claim what they want with little mercy.  Bryk Gardbruker is proud to be a Viking, but he’s grown tired of plundering and raiding.  He knows force is not the best answer, but most of his countrymen disagree with him.  Once Bryk was viewed as a hero among his people and now they think he’s a coward.  Leaving Norway in search of a better life across the waters has Bryk conflicted.  He trades painful memories for uncertainty.

Life has not been kind to Cathryn from the moment she was born.  After being left as an infant at the doorstep of a convent, Cathryn has spent her entire life there.  Cathryn has no family and no hope of having one.  An opportunity for Cathryn quickly turns into danger that changes everything.

Bryk had no intentions of taking Cathryn with him, but that was the only way to keep her safe.  Something about Cathryn called to Bryk and he couldn’t resist her.  Cathryn was afraid of the giant man, but something about him made her fears disappear.  She took a leap of faith and discovered how gentle and caring the Viking was.  Cathryn was having lustful feelings she never though possible and Bryk seemed to return them.  Communicating verbally was hard, but the language of love and lust wasn’t a problem for the couple.

Bryk’s Viking brothers are willingly following his lead in the new land and things are working to their advantage.  He is being viewed in a more honorable light and he’s found happiness that he thought would never return after the death of his family.  Cathryn experiences adventures and finds love that she never thought existed with Bryk.  Danger returns but in the end, it brings unexpected family for Cathryn and Bryk and a wonderful life that has been waiting in the wings for them.

The Rover Bold is the first of the series Viking Roots 1 and what a great beginning it is.  How can you not fall hard for a sensitive but menacing man?  It is impossible!  Bryk made me feel safe, as if I were in the story myself.  He was such an honorable man, and I loved the fact that he stuck to his principles about not destroying towns and killing just for the fun of it.  He was still able to maintain that Viking swag and make me believe it.  Cathryn was one lucky woman to meet this gentle giant.  It was cute when they tried communicating and how they relied on feelings sometimes more than words.  There were so many memorable characters and historical information on top of this romance.  The author will grab readers by the collar with this book and leave them panting for more.

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