Friday, July 31, 2015

Victoria and the Alien Doctor

Author:  Jessica Coulter Smith
Publisher:  Changeling Press
ISBN/BIN:  07407-02389  
Genre:  {M/F} Sci-Fi Futuristic
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph

Watching her daughter slowly dying is pushing Victoria Mathers to drastic actions.  The doctors of Earth can’t cure her child no matter what they try, and the doctors of Terran are forbidden from treating humans.  Begging isn’t working so Victoria considers the last option left, mating with a Terran. 

Xonos hadn’t seriously considered having a mate, but he had to do something to help the single mother and her child.  Perhaps Xonos could come to an understanding with Victoria and they could both benefit from a union. 

Neither Victoria nor Xonos expected to bond so quickly as a family.  Physical attraction was there from the beginning, but the emotions took them both by surprise.  A future with Xonos was something Victoria could envision and she wondered if he felt the same.  There was not doubt he’d fallen in love with her daughter and would do anything for her, but how did he feel about Victoria?

Life hadn’t been kind to Victoria before she met Xonos.  Victoria’s parents failed her as a child and then pregnancy brought more problems.  I was thrown for a loop by the shocking circumstances and how she told Xonos about it.  A weaker woman would have given up and not sacrificed herself.  I was also impressed with Xonos’ compassion and how easily he accepted having a wife and child.  He was meant to be a father; there is no doubt in my mind.  I was touched by the way Xonos pampered the little girl and I felt her excitement with her new daddy.  Tragedy brought this couple together, but fortunately it isn’t what will keep them together. 

Terran men know how to make a woman feel special, that is evident in Victoria and the Alien Doctor, the second installment of the Intergalactic Brides series.  A sexy go-to guy is hard to resist, so I know readers will embrace Xonos.  This story can be read as a stand alone with no problem, but because it’s so captivating, you’ll want to read the series from the beginning. 

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