Friday, February 19, 2016

Taking the Long Way

Author: Max MacGowan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN/BIN: 9781634769235
Genre: {M/M}, Contemporary          
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Rye’s job is one that is ruled by age.  Reaching the point where it is almost time to be let go, Rye can’t help wondering what he will do next.  After all, how many jobs out there are looking for an over aged escort.  Marcus doesn’t need any help.  Just because he is now blind does not mean he can’t survive on his own.  These two may not have anything in common but they soon find themselves on a road trip to Atlanta.

Taking the Long Way is the story of two men, each searching for a way to survive.  Rye has been on the streets for a while and, while he may be used to a lot, suddenly there is more and more that is bothering him.  He knows it’s time to leave the life but he is unsure what to do, and more than a little afraid.  While working one day he comes across Marcus. 

Marcus is a military vet.  On his last tour, he encounters an IED and comes home blind.  Trying to do as much as he can on his own, he begins to explore his surroundings.  Not realizing that he’s put himself in a bad position, it is up to Rye to come to his rescue.  The two men soon form an unusual friendship and when Marcus is given a sense of hope after hearing about a doctor in Georgia, he is ready to hit the road.

This is a great story about a road trip.  The two men, Rye and Marcus, learn a lot about themselves and each other on the trip between California and Georgia.  There are several things I enjoyed about this story and, one of those is the way the author actually has the men making key stops along the way, checking out areas of interest that many readers will be familiar with.  I also liked the way that Marcus did not let his limitations keep him from enjoying, for the most part, the trip.   That is not to say that the trip these two are on is a light-hearted adventure. 

The two men find themselves falling in love, however, both are worried about the type of relationship they could have and, while Marcus is willing to try, Rye is afraid.  While there are a few moments that will have you laughing expect some tears as well.  The story reaches a point where I was worried about how it would end, but the author does a wonderful job bringing the story to conclusion.  

Although I liked Taking the Long Way, there is one part of the book that I had an issue with.  I wish the author would have spent a little more time on fleshing out Rye’s character.  We know what his occupation is, and that he had been working for quite some time.  What we really don’t know is how or why he ended up on the street.  I felt like there was more to learn and never got the chance to.  I would still recommend the book to others who like the M/M genre and plan to re-read this book again in the future.

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