Monday, September 12, 2016

Love And War

Title: Love And War
Author: M.O. Kenyan
Publisher:  Beachwalk Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN:  9781944270254
Genre:  {M/F} Contemporary, Interracial
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph

Guillermo de Castillo doesn’t want to have fun on his birthday, the first one without his twin brother.  All of his attention is centered on finding the woman who ruined his family.  When punishment and passion merge, Guillermo is torn.  The guilt he feels over wanting Raven is clouding Guillermo’s judgment where his brother is concerned.  Is it possible he didn’t know his brother as well as he thought?

Raven hopes she can delete the memories of her abusive relationship from her mind when she looks into the warm eyes of a stranger.  He’s so familiar and yet so different at the same time.  Sleeping with him was no mistake, but it definitely complicates things when she discovers his identity.  Her daughter has to come first, so Raven is willing to do anything to protect her.  Both mother and daughter have gone through so much, Raven isn’t sure how much more they can take before life breaks them.

Kismet is a strange thing when it brings together Raven and Guillermo.  Raven is in celebration mode, while Guillermo is mourning his brother.  He is clueless as to how hard things have been for Raven and he sees her as an awful person.  Raven quickly lets him know that his brother was not as good and misunderstood as Guillermo thinks.  Though she shares some very deep things, she doesn’t tell Guillermo everything about her daughter, Maya.  Guillermo is determined to use Maya against Raven, but he develops feelings for them both so quickly, his plans change. 

Love and War touched me in many ways.  There are so many women like Raven.  She definitely deserved a second chance at love.  I am so glad Raven had a good friend and a mother to support her.  Maya’s situation just made me so sad each time I read about her problem and how helpless Raven felt in fixing it.  I was shocked how she didn’t realize who Guillermo was when she saw him, but perhaps ignorance was bliss for her.  Guillermo seemed to have a huge weight on his shoulder and I was glad to see that lifted.  Raven was the only way for him to move on and at first, he didn’t get that.  In the beginning he was so arrogant and by the end of the story he was just a big softie.  I love Guillermo and I know readers will be so touched by this story.  

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