Saturday, September 27, 2008

Payment Due

Book Title: Payment Due
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher’s URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59632-670-5
Genre: Paranormal, GBLT (M/M)
Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Ruby Minx

Payment Due is now available through eXtasy Books. The new ISBN number is 978-1-55487-139-1

Ace Belmont collects debts and has been doing so since he lost his soul a long time ago. He hates his job and every time he makes a collection he hopes that it’s the last time so that he can atone for his sins. It was supposed to be just another collection. Ryder had made a promise years ago on the night of his high school prom, as his friend lay dying, that he would trade his soul to save him. Ace is on his way to collect on that promise. Then he meets Ryder.

When Ryder sees Ace it is as if he is mesmerized. That night he had the most phenomenal sex of his life when Ace takes him beyond his most erotic fantasies. Then Ace tells him why he is there and that he has to pay the piper if he wants to regain his soul. All he has to do is stop Steven Fulton, a professor at Carleton University, from becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada. If Ryder is successful Ace hopes that this time he will have paid his debt for the death of his lover Jesse almost 60 years ago.

Ryder soon realizes that in addition to the debt he has inherited something else, Jesse’s soul and deranged mind, and he feels his own mind slipping away as Jesse’s spirit tries to take control and possess him.

D.J. Manly paints a disturbing picture of a soul in crisis in Payment Due. This book is an engrossing and complicated tale as he merges the past and the present in a volatile cocktail. He uses his considerable imagination to bring the reader along for an unexpected ride. The sex is awesome, as usual, and probably exceeds D.J. Manly’s trademark high level of eroticism with all of those demons, but the plot is what draws you in and keeps you there until the last page. This book is a thrill ride from start to finish where even the demons rate a 10.

Some violent scenes in this book may be too much for those readers who have a weak stomach.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Midnight Blue

Book Title: Midnight Blue
Author: Jon Bradbury
Publisher: Extasy Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-55487-098-1
Genre: Interracial, Mystery, Romance, Adventure
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amethyst Nymph

No cop was more dedicated to his job than officer Kelly Hutchinson. Protecting and serving was the one thing he was always sure of, unlike his relationship with his long term girlfriend, Vanessa. He loves her but Kelly isn’t sure if they should take things to the next level. When Vanessa leaves town for work, things become very confusing for Kelly.

After saving the life of a high profile businessman, Kelly gets presented with a few indecent proposals. The one proposal that tempted Kelly the most was the offer of the politician’s wife to sleep with him. Now he is faced with the decision to either commit to Vanessa or take all that another man’s sexy wife is offering him. What’s a man to do? If this emotional turmoil isn’t enough, Kelly is also dealing with solving an attempted murder case that is getting more complicated every day.

Midnight Blue is definitely a romantic story about a man’s fantasy, if ever I read one. The action and mystery in the story spoke to me more than the romance in this story, but that isn’t a bad thing. I enjoyed the turmoil that Kelly was faced with in his personal life and work life, and I definitely loved the fact that he gave everything thought before acting. It was easy for me to like Kelly and see his side of things. Money and sex was such a big temptation in this story, I was always on the edge of my seat guessing who the bad guys really were. Some of the actions of the female characters were difficult to believe, but looking at the big picture I could understand why the author went there. If you like suspense laced with sex and good guys and bad guys, then this story is for you.

A Renaissance In Blood

Book Title: A Renaissance In Blood
Author: Jamie Craig
Publisher: Amber Allure
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60272-357-3
Genre: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / BDSM / Series
Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

When Jesse Madding gets the news that his lovers Gideon and Emma are gone, he faces his worst nightmare becoming a reality. Jesse will have to move on without them, but how do you survive without your anchors? He doesn’t know and Jesse doesn’t plan to find out. He wants them back even if it means getting them from another dimension. The last person Jesse ever thought would hurt him has done the unforgivable act of betrayal. Thanks to the love of Gideon and Emma, Jesse is no longer the weakling he was two years prior. He is on a mission to discover what happened to his lovers.

Jamie Craig really allowed Jesse to spread his wings in A Renaissance In Blood. My heart ached for Jesse when he was delivered the news that he would never hear the music of Gideon’s husky voice saying ‘boy’ and Emma’s passioned filled cries of extasy again. He seemed so lost, that I couldn’t help but hurt for him. When he discovered what had really been done to him, Jesse didn’t hold a pity party, but was proactive in figuring out his next moves. I enjoyed watching how he and Dominique, the foster daughter of Michelle’s dead lover from Domino, are bonding. She is a young woman hiding her pain if I ever saw one. I have a feeling the relationship she has with Jesse is going to supply the stability she is desperately seeking. I’ll be the first to admit, I knew a few books back what some of these characters were capable of, but never fathomed I would actually see any of it come to fruition. Jamie Craig has delivered yet another powerful story in the Master Chronicles series with A Renaissance In Blood. This is a definite must read!

Calendar Girls - Miss January

Author: Madison Hayes
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419917325
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Nymph rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Bramble Nymph

Not believing in love at first sight or romance in general, Cash McLaren decides to go for a new woman for every month of the year and makes it his final decision for the rest of his life. As this was his New Year Resolution, he plans to snare in the female with a delightfully breathless voice whom he accidently called while trying to telephone a friend. He plans to find her, make her his Miss January and have his way with her. Would Mindy Walters ever mean more to him than just his flavor of the month?

In the past I have found myself looking down upon female characters that have trust, commitment and love issues because of past relationships. But, strangely that didn’t happen with Mindy. I liked her spunky, feisty personality and didn't really blame her to her emotional cowardice. If you skim the surface, Cash would be written off as a man-on-the-prowl for flings but I effectively gathered that the urban cowboy had a solid head on his shoulders.

It starts out as a teasing game between them but they can't seem to stay away from each other. When they're together their passion sizzles even if they are not making love. The sex is amazing and makes you hot and bothered. It's whimsical as well as Chase starts to show concern for Mindy. Each and every escapade is in perfect sync with the characters’ psyche. Full marks should be awarded to Ms. Hayes for creating a fabulous first meeting of the lead pair. The unusual opening pulled me in and the sizzling chemistry kept me turning the pages all the way through.

The plot could have easily gone on the much travelled road but Ms. Hayes gives it a unique touch and the result is fabulous. As Miss January is a part of the Calendar Girl series, many secondary characters bop in from earlier installments. I loved re-visiting them. I’ll always remember Miss January for its brand of romance as the author has given the emotion so much more substance than just a hoard of blazing hot love scenes. Even if you are not a fan of Ms. Hayes, you just can't afford to miss this book!

Love Most Inconvenient

Book Title: Love Most Inconvenient
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59578-485-8
Genre: Contemporary, Gay
Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Chocolate Minx

No Vacancy 5 Nymphs
Undercover detective Manuel Sanchez is tired and looking forward to sleeping in his own bed but when he gets to his apartment, the security chain is on the door. Unable to rouse his roommate Sam, Manuel climbs up the fire escape outside his bedroom window. Climbing in the window, Manuel is met with a painful surprise and an actor named John. What started as mistaken identity and Sam’s deception turns out to be the best mistake Manuel and John ever made.

Right Before My Eyes 5 Nymphs
Paul Conners was sitting at his desk thinking about his first day on the job at WYRT radio station and meeting DJ Marco Delino; that was two years ago. He and Marco had become friends, but there was nothing more than that between. Paul is lonely; he wants a committed relationship with Mr. Right. Even though Marco is a nice guy and there is chemistry between them, Paul is afraid Marco is a heartbreaker. Paul keeps his distant until he realizes he could lose Marco and that he is not only one suffering from love at first sight.

My Name is Dane 5 Nymphs
Mark Merchant’s day is going from bad to worst starting with a phone call from his not quite legit brother; seems their sister is pregnant and they need to talk the guy into being reasonable. Instead of grabbing the baby’s daddy, they kidnap Dane Fitzgerald. Mark and Dane immediately become combatants who cannot resist the attraction they have for each other.

Love Most Inconvenient is a fantastic collection of finding love where you least expect it. All of the characters have cocky attitudes and hilarious dialog. D.J. Manly produced three excellent tales with well paced plots, heartwarming emotions, humor, and sensuous love scenes so enjoyable I did not want the book to end.

Walk Among Us

Book Title: Walk Among Us
Author: Vivien Dean
Publisher: Samhain
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-60504-185-8
Genre: Gay/Lesbian Romance
Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Woodland Nymph

Calvin Shumacher is an artist living in New York and has returned home to Illinois to bury his father. At the cemetery a man is suddenly shot during the graveside ceremony. While the rest of the mourners are screaming and hiding, Calvin looks for the shooter. Surprisingly he confronts the man when he finds him and is dumbfounded when the shooter claims the man he shot wasn’t human. When the victim’s body disappears as the shooter had predicted it would, Calvin finds he wants to know more about this mysterious man.

Matthew Soto is a lonely man. He’s been given a gift, a gift he doesn’t want but still feels it’s his duty and responsibility to act upon when necessary. When he agrees to meet with Calvin to answer some of his questions, they’re unable to deny the strong attraction between them. While making love they discover a powerful connection to each other, unlike anything either have ever experienced or known before.

Upon awakening Matthew opens up to Calvin and tells him about his gift and why he had to shoot that man at the cemetery. Calvin surprises not only Matthew but even himself by believing Matthew’s incredulous story. What will happen after Calvin returns to his hotel at the airport and unknowingly places himself in danger?

Walk Among Us is an excellent and imaginative story of two dynamically different men meeting and falling in love under very unusual circumstances. Kudos to Vivien Dean for doing a terrific job in creating such a powerful love story in a rather mysterious and, at times, eerie atmosphere. Once these two characters meet you just know they belong together and reading the story this author has written for them is indeed a treat. I strongly urge all fans of the m/m romance and paranormal genres to read this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Rush in the Dark

Book Title: Rush in the Dark
Author: Lynn Lorenz
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59632-765-8
Genre: LGBT Paranormal
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

P.I Brian Russell looks at his friend Mitchell and wonders when it’s going to be his turn to find the love of his life, because so far it isn’t happening for him and he’s afraid it never will. Despite a vague premonition that something important is going to happen, when the man of his dreams steps outside a bar to have a smoke, he’s still surprised. The problem is he isn’t going to make much of an impression because he’s on stake-out in an alley, and he smells worse than a skunk after diving into a dumpster to retrieve evidence.

Rush Weston leaves his ranch and drives into Houston every few weeks when his itch needs to be scratched. He’s firmly in the closet and has never had more than a casual hook-up since he admitted he was gay as a teenager. When the guy he’s with starts to drive him crazy, he steps outside to have a cigarette and spies an attractive man dragging filthy trash bags from a dumpster. Despite the stench, he’s intrigued enough with Brian to leave his business card in hopes he’ll call. When he does, he’s thrilled, but he gets more than he bargained for, because Brian isn’t a quick pick-up kind of guy…he’s the keeping kind, and that thought scares Rush to death. The one thing he knows for certain is he’ll lose the most important person in his life if he doesn’t step out of the closet, and he doesn’t know if he can.

Rush in the Dark is the second book in Ms. Lorenz’s new ongoing Common Powers series of otherwise normal men who have something a little otherworldly which makes them special. I have to admit that I like the concept. Too often the paranormal aspect of a character’s personality not only defines who that person is, but it also dominates the story. That isn’t the case with this intriguing gay romance series. In this series, the power doesn’t overwhelm…it only enhances the person. Both Rush and Brian are special in their own way…Rush can see in the dark and Brian has premonitions.

Brian and Rush are filled with passion, desire, lust and longing, but the tale of their developing relationship and its problems aren’t the only one in this well-plotted contemporary romance. They are the primary focus, but are only part of the whole, because this story also seamlessly weaves in Mitchell and Sammi, and Brian’s hunt for clues to Sammi’s past. Both parts of this tale are heart-warming, with Brian playing the vital role as the glue which binds both portions together. This story also has friendships, mistakes, pain and fear, but what it also has in abundance, is hope for the future. Not only for lovers Brian and Rush, but for Sammi, who is trying to move on to a new phase in his life.

Angelos Brothers - Chance

Book Title: Angelos Brothers - Chance
Author: Ebony Starr
Publisher: Lulu
Publisher URL:
Genre: Hot Erotic, Interracial
Nymph Rating: 1 Nymph
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

Chance Angelo was the boy your mother warned you to stay clear of in high school. He was the handsome teenage owner of a Harley. Oh yes, Chance was definitely a father’s nightmare and reason for keeping a loaded gun. Maxine Hendricks spent time with the bad boy and fell in love. Unfortunately, Chance’s passion was more than a mere virgin could handle, leaving Maxine to do the only thing she could at such a tender age. Maxine ran. Chance understood her fear and promised to wait for Maxine to return. Now years later, she has come to reclaim the love he once offered. Is Chance still waiting with open arms?

Ebony Starr writes about love and rekindling an old flame in Angelos Brothers - Chance. There were far too many grammatical errors throughout the story to overlook, and allow the tale to maintain a natural flow; the kind of flow that draws a reader in and holds your attention until the final word is written. I was distracted by constantly trying to solve the riddle of what a character was attempting to say or which character was actually speaking. The characters were not as strong as I would have hoped, and the concept was too similar to other books to perserve its own individuality and uniqueness.

Vision Captured

Book Title: Vision Captured
Author: Lorie O’Clare
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419917547
Genre: Shape-shifter
Nymph Rating: 3
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Silver Minx

Chantelle Drap is a lone female leopard shifter content with her life living among humans, until rumors of someone gathering up all the gifted leopards starts to circulate. Then suddenly she is thrown up against a male leopard that, in her opinion, is useless until some female trains him but unfortunately this male is the key to her survival against the one gathering up all the leopards.

Josh Bard was ordered to bring Chantelle in but he has other things on his mind. He made a promise that he intends to keep. Chantelle tempts him beyond reasoning and together they fight for control. Who will win the battle?

I found this storyline to be really good. Trying to figure out why that one leopard was trying to gather up all the leopards was part of the fun. I still didn’t understand how that particular leopard picked out the “gifted” ones or even why he did what he did. The sex was great in this story, lots of lead up and sexual tension. Awesome! Chantelle was a woman that many could respect, while being outwardly tough and still being vulnerable. Ms. O’Clare did a good job writing this book.

The Boys Back Home

Book Title: The Boys Back Home
Author: Sierra Dafoe
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-60504-181-5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

Growing up, Cassie Jordan was nearly inseparable from her two best friends, nice guy Kyle Watson and dark and brooding Alan Caine. She loved them both and was never able to choose between them so when she caught them in a passionate embrace, she believed that they had turned to each other and that there wasn’t a place for her in their hearts. Days later, her mother dies and Cassie flees Preacher’s Bend, vowing never to return. Now, three years have passed and she’s engaged to a man she doesn’t love. Needing to decide what to do, she’s heading back to her hometown, a place she never expected to see again. Once they have her home again, Kyle and Alan have their work cut out convincing Cassie that they can build a life together…a life with all three.

Ms. Dafoe has done a great job expressing Cassie’s frustration, love and longing for The Boys Back Home, Kyle and Alan. It’s filled with pain, hurt, longing and passion, and the sex between our hunky guys and Cassie is…wow! But, it’s also a thoughtful expression of how jumping to conclusions and not asking questions can jade your perception and get you in trouble, changing the direction of your life. It’s obvious Kyle and Alan love Cassie deeply, and I loved the scene where she discovers that they’ve kept her family home clean and maintained even though it’s been three years since she left them. This one thing shows how committed they are to her and that even with her gone, they weren’t willing to give up hope she would one day come home. You can call me a sentimental sap, but this scene…well this one’s my favorite, and it didn’t hurt that it ended with blistering hot sex.

Blue Ruin 3: Chains of Love

Author: Katrina Strauss
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59632-764-1
Genre: BDSM Yaoi
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

Being a master to a sub seems easy until you’re in Derek’s shoes. Blue is ready to advance to his next level of training; unfortunately that will be a difficult task to accomplish in Derek’s loft apartment. No exposed beams, no real space to set up a dungeon, so what is a dutiful master to do?

Blue is still coming to terms with his love for both Derek and Cameron, not to mention he is expected to testify at an upcoming trial. With so many worries, one would think Blue lacked time to contemplate his next level of intimacy with his master. However, Blue has a libido that won’t quit and always has time to want to be in Derek’s bed and at his mercy.

A good deed never goes unpunished, and Blue is about to definitely get the punishment he has been craving. He and Derek will have to face the Balkan mob boss Sasha. Blue’s will is stronger than most, and his love for Derek is true, regardless of the fact that other men still excite him. Moreover, when the dungeon doors close, Blue won’t be the only one getting a first rate education in obedience and love.

Blue is learning more about submission and is starting to share his desires with Derek in Blue Ruin 3: Chains of Love. I was happy to see the two men are still healthy and alive, regardless of Blue’s knack for walking dead smack into the middle of trouble. It’s like he has radar that leads directly to drama and danger. But this time, Blue gets more than he could have asked for, well almost more. Derek still believes that his lover is just that -- his! I really can’t blame him for being greedy. He’s the first to admit he has issues with sharing. Their sexual exploits are still racy, and we even get a bit of action to keep it from being just a regular BDSM love story. I would love to see Sasha come back to find a partner; that man deserves love if no one else does. Those who fell in love with Blue will find this book a treat.

Calendar Boys September: A Simple Truth

Book Title: Calendar Boys September: A Simple Truth
Author: Jamie Craig
Publisher: Amber Quill
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60272-358-0
Genre: Gay Contemporary Series
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

Charlie Labrecque has lived a lie his entire life, choosing to marry a woman he didn’t love and father a child, who he did. Now he’s divorced, his son only comes for visits several times a year and he’s lonely rambling around his house. No one in his life knows he’s gay and he’s tired of hiding his sexuality so after three years he finally decides to be honest, not only with himself, but with the important people in his life. And that includes his best friend and neighbor, Bryce Hanson, who also happens to be openly gay.

Bryce is surprised by his friend’s revelation, but pleased when he’s asked to be his guide through the new and frightening world of gay dating. He even takes Charlie to a bookstore in hopes he’ll meet a nice man, and when he does, he’s thrilled, at least on the surface. There’s a little problem with this plan. Bryce has been crazy about Charlie since he first moved into their neighborhood, and now that he knows his friend’s secret, he doesn’t want him dating anyone but him.

September: A Simple Truth is the newest release in the ongoing Calendar Boys series by writing duo Jamie Craig, and it’s a heartwarming tale of trust, friendship and new beginnings. The characters are likable, caring, and have a good time together, even when they’re acting like old friends and not new lovers. I guess the thing which makes Bryce and Charlie work as a couple is that they have so much in common that has nothing to do with the passionate physical aspect of their relationship. They truly like each other as friends and enjoy spending time with each other whether in bed, watching a ballgame or barbequing a steak. The reality is A Simple Truth is a sweet and tender story of finding the love of your life right under your nose, and it’s perfect for an easy afternoon read.

Duke's Project

Book Title: Duke's Project
Author: Sharon Lanergan
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419915963
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Nymph Rating: 3 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Chocolate Minx

The East End is the poorest section of London and home to Dani. In a bid to survive, she searches for anything edible among the alley’s trash next to the Black Swan Tavern. What Dani finds, instead of food, is the body of a gentleman. After being questioned by the magistrate, Dani learns that Simon Thorndike, Duke of Stratford, is investigating the mysterious murder of his cousin at the request of his aunt and wants to question her. Dani makes her way to the Duke’s home and her life is forever changed when Simon asks Dani to stay.

Duke’s Project is a romance story shrouded in mystery and murder. Dani is forced to grow up in the streets of the worst part of London, after her mother dies. Married to an earl, her mother escapes her home with Dani to avoid the murderous intent of a duke. Simon is a kind hearted man known to rescue both human and animal strays; his family calls them his projects. Finding Dani on his doorstep, he gets a glimpse of the beauty beneath the dirt. Simon rapidly goes from rescue to desire. Sharon Lanergan has created an intricate plot full of intrigue that lured me into the story until the very end. This is an enthralling tale that I enjoyed.

Sub For Hire

Book Title: Sub For Hire
Author: Claire Thompson
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781419917752
Genre: Gay / BDSM
Nymph Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

Joshua Hanson is a writer who has left his small southern hometown in search of D/s BDSM romance and a career. He knew there would be hell to pay if he came out to his small community, and did what was necessary to escape harassment and torment. Now, living in New York comes at a high price but Josh isn’t giving up on his dream. He decides to make ends meet by answering an ad for Dungeon Dreams, a local dungeon seeking submissives for hire. His new position isn’t what he would classify as a normal, but the rent is due and he knows how to disconnect his feelings from the clients -- or does he?

Michael Sutherland is a handsome Dom. He attracts men but hasn’t found the ying to his yang. The first encounter between Michael and Josh has surfaced feelings neither anticipated coming to life. Their session has put them on a path to love, but if Sam, the owner of Dungeon Dreams has anything to do with it, Josh won’t belong to Michael. Sam wants Josh for himself.

Claire Thompson brings love tussled up and ready for a good caning in Sub For Hire. Josh is a man with strong convictions and an even stronger mind. He doesn’t just bring a hot body to the table, but a naturally submissive nature that makes him irresistible. Michael is rich and handsome. He takes being a master seriously and believes in cherishing D/s relationships and reinforcing the foundation through trust and love. Watching these men was overwhelmingly erotic. I knew Michael’s past could cause trouble when Josh had to explain a few issues he had encountered. However, I was happy with Michael’s patience and gentle nature towards the man he loved. The story is a wonderful expression of D/s love, and is an excellent read.