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Stacy’s Destiny

Title:  Stacy’s Destiny
Author:  Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand 
ISBN: 1-61034-628-9
Genre:  {M/F/M}, BDSM, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph
Stacy leaves New York after she broke her boss’ nose when he tried to rape her.  She arrives in Pearl, thinking she is going to help a friend’s aunt and ends up meeting Max and Eric Cantrell.
The second book in The Town of Pearl series is actually a prequel to For the Love of Anna.  Stacy’s Destiny tells Stacy’s story that happened before Anna arrived in Pearl.  Stacy is being stalked by an obsessive man and the author tries to show the downside of reporting incidents when an investigator doesn’t care, as well as showing how some law enforcement agencies coordinate searches and investigations.
The scenes between Stacy, Max, and Eric are so steamy, they burn the pages and you won’t want to put this book down.  The journey that Stacy had coming to grips with a ménage relationship is telling because society doesn’t really accept these types of relationships, even though there seems to be more of them.  Though these types of relationships are the norm in Pearl, I can just imagine the prejudice that they would have elsewhere and Ms. Dwyer did show a little of it in one scene.
There were a few places that had some typos that jarred the flow of the story.  I also wish the author had actually reversed the order of these two books, making Stacy’s Destiny the first one.  I do think this series should be on every ménage lover’s bookshelf and this is one series I will be reading again.

A Queen’s Dowry

Title: A Queen’s Dowry
Author: Aislinn Kerry
Publisher: Amber Allure
ISBN: 9781611241815
Genre: {M/M}, {F/F}, Pirate, Fantasy, Sequel
Rating:  4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph 

Luke knows his return to Samar City will bring problems, but he never expected the obstacles he ends up facing.  His only hope is his husband Conall but Conall isn’t happy being on land, which leaves Luke wondering if he’s made the right choice to come home. 

A Queen’s Dowry is the sequel to A King’s Ransom which means these books must be read in order.  When A Queen’s Dowry begins, Luke and Conall are traveling to Samar City, with plans of Luke regaining the throne.  Anyone who has ever watched a pirate movie knows that this is easier said than done.  While Addy, Luke’s sister, is happy to have her brother returned to her, others are not as thrilled.  Not only does the young royal have to find out who wants him gone, but he must also deal with the arrival of Nume, the young lady he was supposed to marry. 

There are a lot of little twists in this story that keep it interesting.  Not only do the readers have the ongoing relationship between Luke and Conall, which continues to heat up the pages, but also the budding relationship between Addy and Nume.  These couples are intense but not everything runs smoothly, especially when the subject of Luke producing an heir is raised.  I really felt for both couples at this point, and while the reasoning behind the need for an heir is understandable, the fact that Nume must become pregnant does cause problems, which is also understandable. 

If you loved the first story, you are sure to love, A Queen’s Dowry.  The author’s ability to keep the reader’s interest from beginning to end is sure to make this book a hit with many of her fans, as well as earn her some new ones.


Title: Unus
Author:  Stephanie Burke
Publisher:  Loose Id
ISBN:   978-1-61118-577-5
Genre:  {M/F} Multicultural Paranormal Shape-shifter Fantasy
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

Cyprus wished her life were over.  How could this have happened to her?  Cyprus had done her duty of protecting her planet, as was expected.  She was a warrior after all.  She anticipated emerging from The Change ready to protect her coven, not to be the Coven Master. Cyprus didn’t want this new body or the responsibilities that came with it.  She wasn’t prepared to deal with this new thing called crying or craving for shoes.  Being a female was a curse in her eyes. 

Prince Alnowan is still happily unmated, much to his parents’ displeasure.  After running into Cyprus he’s ready to give up his bachelorhood to have her. He lost his heart to her instantly.  Being from different worlds with different customs doesn’t concern Alnowan.  Those things could be sorted out.  Being challenged to a fight to the death by his future mate is what has Alnowan concerned. 

Cyprus is from the Equlestraa race and Alnowan is Dragonish, so their mating is not a common one.  As a prince, Alnowan is expected to start his own circle of females.  He would be the head of the household.  As Coven Master, Cyprus would be the leader and the only female in her family.  Sacrifices and compromises would have to be made, but Alnowan is willing to do anything to have Cyprus.  No matter how much she denies it, Cyprus wants Alnowan just as much.  Even when unexpected issues pop up, Alnowan doesn’t give up and Cyprus winds up coming to his rescue. 

Unus, the second story of The Coven series, is really a prequel.  Readers will have no trouble keeping up if they read the stories out of order. This story is lighter and definitely has more humor than the first installment. Stephanie Burke gives us a deeper look into Cyprus and Alnowan, who is renamed Unus.  Their lives were drastically changed in a nanosecond and there was never a dull moment for either of them.  I appreciated the reversed roles of the woman being the head of the household but still, I felt bad for Alnowan.  He gave up so much to join Cyprus’ coven and be her mate. That made him manlier in my eyes, because I felt his complete acceptance of Cyprus.  Cyprus didn’t make things easy for him, because she resisted him every step of the way.  Only when Alnowan’s life was endangered did she admit they belonged together.  

Unus is a fast paced romance that will probably make you giggle and cry and the same time.  It’s far from predictable and the perfect foundation for future stories, I hope. There were moments that I actually laughed out loud, like during a scene when the couple exchanged insults.  If you enjoy laughter with your lusting, this one is for you.

For the Love of Anna

Title:  For the Love of Anna
Author:  Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN:  1-61034-085-X
Genre:  {M/F/M/M}, Western, Series 
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph 

Anna is running for her life after mobsters beat her up and tried to take her, in lieu of her father’s debt.  Once she arrives at the Triple C ranch, she meets Wyatt, Charlie and Ben. 

For the Love of Anna is the first book in The Town of Pearl series.  There is a lot of angst on Anna’s part because she had to be the adult in the family after her mom got sick and died.  The realization that you have been betrayed by a family member would be devastating, for most people.  It sort of sets you adrift and keeps you questioning your worth.  This comes through very clearly in the story. 

Anna’s friendship with her friend, Stacy, very clearly gives Anna someone to confide in and use as a sounding board, which is what she needs.  The way the author showed how Anna, Wyatt, Charlie and Ben learned about each other is wonderful because it shows a transformation taking place within Anna.  The scenes between Anna and the men, as a group or individually, burn up the pages so keep plenty of ice or fans on hand.   

The secondary characters, which include the men’s cousins, add a lot to the story and I would like to learn more about Stacy and her relationship.  I am looking forward to reading the next book and will be reading this one again.

Game On, Game Over

Title: Game On, Game Over
Author: Chris Quinton
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781920501242
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Action/Adventure
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx 

John Jones is a MI6 negotiator operating in Tajikistan, near the Afgani border, and his assignment is to broker a deal between local tribal leaders.  He needs an excuse to be in the area, so uses his educational background as Aidan Whittaker and gets assigned to a university run archeological dig.  His mission is complicated by the arrival of an annoying reporter, Babcock, who asks too many dangerous questions and his photographer, Scott Landon. 

Scott’s outgoing, friendly, fourteen years younger than John and determined to get in his bed. Unwilling to risk his mission, John rejects him. Then events spiral out of control when Babcock and Scott find themselves in a dangerous situation and in the aftermath, John and Scott give in to their desire and get closer than John imagined. But the region is filled with political unrest, leading to life changes John never expected. 

Game On, Game Over is the first book by Chris Quinton I’ve read and after enjoying this well written and interesting story, it won’t be my last.  

The plot is broken up into two distinct parts. The first portion occurs in Tajikistan. It’s fast paced, filled with intrigue and danger, has great archeological dig details and some interesting secondary characters. Anyone who reads action/adventure books will enjoy this section. The second portion starts with a brief look at what Scott does after the dig site evacuation and how he goes looking for John.  The biggest part of this half takes place in a small village in the English countryside. It has a slower pace and is lighter in tone, but still has great local history, wonderful townspeople and lots of great scenes as Scott tries to get closer to John…who’s now retired and going by Aidan. 

I keep track of my books on Goodreads, and know from glancing at some of the reviews that a few readers found the two part construction distracting but I didn’t find that to be true. Instead, I found it totally realistic…the story and pace changing to fit the events in Scott and Aidan’s lives.  

I like the instant chemistry between John and Scott in the desert. It’s believable and sizzling hot, even if John initially refuses to acknowledge their attraction.  The time in England is more conducive to allowing the guys to get acquainted, even if Aidan is again pushing Scott away. Rest assured they do get their happily-ever-after, despite their time together here being filled with self-depreciation, anger and humor. The format of this story might be a little unusual but I enjoyed it and will be re-reading it again in the future.

Ghost Flower

Title: Ghost Flower
Author: A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-77111-004-4
Genre: {M/M} Vampire, Sequel
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx   

Feng Li is just going through the motions of living, since he and his friends were returned to Earth after the strange incident on Halloween almost a year ago that transported them to the realm of the vampire, Banpaia.  Feng Li is the only one who has no memory.  However, his dreams are slowly revealing Feng Li’s eternal soul mate and the true meaning of the Ghost Flower 

Ghost Flower is the sequel to Banpaia.  The well written plot is spellbinding.  The storyline illustrates the current status of the returned men.  Each man has flourished in their chosen careers, providing them with financial security.  All the men, with the exception of Feng Li, have fond memories of Banpaia.  As the story unfolds, the vampire’s fascinating history, along with how Feng Li is a part of that history, is revealed. I found the blend of religious overtones particularly interesting.  The theme of good versus evil woven into a love/hate relationship between maker and chosen mate with Banpaia caught in the middle, delivers a God-like message of love for anyone other than the master will be punished.

True to their excellent writing style, A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly have created a number of incredibly sensual intimate scenes.  Ghost Flower is a marvelous saga that I thoroughly enjoyed; I suggest reading Banpaia first to get the complete pleasurable benefit of these breathtaking characters.


Title: Nickolas
Author:  Kathi S. Barton
Publisher:  World Castle Publishing
ISBN:  9781937085421
Genre:  {M/F} Contemporary
Rating:  5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

She didn’t want to apply for the secretary job, but Morgan Becky had no choice.  A job was supposed to help her make amends and put her on the right track again.  Morgan needed something good to happen to her because up until this point, life had not been kind. The arrogant, stuffy man conducting the interview was not making her feel hopeful about her chances.  Men always seemed to cause problems for Morgan, so why should he be any different? 

Not even certain if the stubborn woman could type, Nickolas Grant hires Morgan against his better judgment.  Trouble seemed to follow her like the Pied Piper and Nickolas didn’t welcome the disruption to his orderly life.  He knew Morgan’s type and Nickolas wasn’t going to fall for any of her tricks.  However, something about her stirred up feelings Nickolas wasn’t expecting and definitely didn’t want. 

After finally accepting the help she was offered, you would think things would be good for Morgan, but that wasn’t the case.  Even with a job, a place to live and the support of Nickolas’ family, Morgan still has problems adjusting.  Even her silver linings had clouds.  She was paid a good salary, but she couldn’t cash her paychecks.  When I say nothing was easy, I’m not whistling Dixie.   At one point I was literally praying that nothing else went wrong for Morgan, yet my prayers went unanswered.  The average person would have given up long ago, but not Morgan.  At times, her loneliness touched me so deeply, I had to stop reading. It broke my heart when I discovered how Morgan had set up her bathroom in her apartment.   

Nickolas is going to rouse strong emotion from readers, just as he did with Morgan.  When it came to dealing with her, everything that came out of his mouth was the wrong thing to say. His intentions were good, but his delivery…damn.  He even ruined their first sexual encounter and that was the moment that I wanted to kill him myself.  Each time Morgan hung up on Nickolas, ignored him, or totally disregarded his demands, I nearly died from laughing at his fury.  In all honesty, he deserved it.  And if it’s sick for me to derive pleasure because his brothers threatened to do Nickolas bodily harm over Morgan, then I’m sorry. I fell in lust with each one of them.  And I’d love to have Nickolas’ mother as my own. 

There are so many memorable moments in this story, but the one that had me choking from laughter precedes Nickolas waking up in the emergency room.  I loved every moment of this story and every character. I was hooked from beginning to end.  Nickolas shows a chaotic side of romance and how things can work out perfectly in any situation.  I barely closed the pages on this story before I started telling friends they had to read this story.  These Grant brothers know how to take care of a woman, especially when she has no desire to be taken care of.  If you like knights in shining armor who make you want to strangle them, then you must read Nickolas.  Nothing is going to keep me from reading The Grant Brothers series.

Reluctant Partnerships

Title: Reluctant Partnerships
Author: Ariel Tachna
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-61372-164-3
Genre: {M/M} with some {F/F}, Paranormal Vampire Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx 

The war’s been over for two years and life is settling down for the vampires and wizards who fought it.  They’re still learning what being partners means and research is going on at l’Institut Marcel Chavinier, focusing on their bonds. But things aren’t as quiet as they thought. Detective Adèle Rougier finds Pascale Auboussu, a young woman who was attacked and turned against her will.  They have a rogue vampire to deal with and Raymond and Denis Langlois, the chief vampire of the area, is afraid the crime will turn public opinion against them. 

It’s imperative the vampire responsible be found but Denis is distracted by a young Canadian wizard, Martin, who could be his potential partner. Except he’s having trouble letting go of his feelings for his long deceased lover, but Denis can’t deny his attraction to Martin either. And Adèle has to deal with feelings for a female, for the first time in her life. When Martin is attacked, Denis realizes what he almost lost, but will he be forgiven and can they find the attacker before he turns someone else? 

Reluctant Partnerships is a spinoff but according to Ariel Tachna’s blog, it’s considered release six of the Partnership in Blood series. Due to the close relationships of the returning characters, I recommend they be read in sequential order. 

The world building in this series has been awesome and it’s continued with this newest release. Overall the story is well written, it has a complicated plot with a smooth flow and good descriptions. There is plenty of conflict and danger, sex, desire, passion, and continuing friendships. Add to that some interesting but important new characters in Denis, Martin and Pascale and you have everything needed for an entertaining and enjoyable read. Did I mention that there’s plenty of hot sex going on between not just the established couples but the new ones too?

Then there’s the rogue vampire turning people against their will. It’s a great plot thread and it runs throughout the story and is the force that propels the story forward. Ms. Tachna threw in several nice twists and turns, one of which was the truth behind why Denis was so strong for a vampire of his young age…look for that one…it’s a goodie. While Adèle and Pascale are an interesting couple, I really like Denis and Martin and hope to see more about them in a future release.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Title: Borderline  
Author: T. A. Chase
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61118-461-7
Genre: {M/M} Suspense
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx   

With the threat of more murders looming over their heads by a serial killer in Houston, Texas Ranger lead detective Mac Guzman is desperate for some help in indentifying the killer, so Mac’s boss sought out the aid of FBI profiler Tanner Wallace.  Working closely together, Mac and Tanner share more than just case information, they share a mutual attraction that develops into a relationship of trust and love. 

Borderline is an exceptionally intriguing psychological thriller.  The enthralling plot makes obvious the twisted mentality of a killer, as well as the mentality of homophobia.  Both exhibit traits of self-hatred for their instilled shortcomings, which is hidden by their displayed arrogance.  Both personalities target innocent people to harm rather than deal with their own personal problems.  The main characters are also very convincing.  Mac and Tanner both come from backgrounds with circumstances that were beyond their control. Yet, they both worked hard to become a credit to society.  Mac is a very private man who prefers to be judged on his professional merits, so he conceals his childhood past, along with his sexuality from his co-workers. Tanner is in a more precarious position because of his family’s illegal business.  Mac and Tanner are honorable men with a tiny flaw, which gives them realistic qualities.  The pleasurable intimacy scenes express Mac and Tanner’s passionate natures.

I thoroughly enjoyed TA Chase's Borderline.  This marvelous story is exciting, as well as sensual with a punch of superb realism.

The Blancmange

Title: The Blancmange
Authors:  A. J. Llewellyn and Serena Yates
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-0-85715-725-6
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx 

Finn Garrison is a Water Mage. He lives in Bermuda and has come to the mainland to serve as a juror in a high profile Water Court murder trial. He believes in justice but things getting out of hand when two other jurors are killed and someone is out to kill him.   

Ty Anglin is an experienced Water Marshal and he isn’t thrilled with being a bodyguard until he sets eyes on Finn, when every protective instinct he has goes into overdrive. They have no idea who is trying to kill Finn and no way of stopping two more attempts on his life from happening. Can they find the person responsible? Is the sea monster on trial innocent or guilty? Is the royal family involved? Is there discrimination going on between sea water and freshwater peoples and is it behind the problems? 

The Blancmange is the second release in the Elemental Superpowers series and it is best if the books are read in order.  

This is a wonderful paranormal story. It’s a fun and entertaining read, has two sexy men in Finn and Ty, great secondary characters and more twists and turns than a roller coaster. It seems like, with every page, something new and unexpected is happening to keep my attention racing forward. It just has it all. It’s well written, has good descriptions, and a complicated mystery plot that kept me guessing. The assassination attempts on Finn’s life are well written, but the one in Ty’s bedroom is particularly well done…and scary gross. 

I really like these guys…they’re interesting, charming, handsome, and funny too. The authors took their simmering attraction, turned it up to a full boil and dumped it in the middle of an intriguing murder mystery. And they never allow either to overshadow the other. They balance the romance with the mystery of who’s out to assassinate Finn, mix in the investigation, add some new and returning secondary characters and even give the reader a look into the Water Court. What more could you want? Nothing.  Oh yeah, some great sizzling hot sex. I don’t know when the next book, Mudpie, should be released but I can’t wait.


Title:  Beast
Author:  Sophie Oak
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN:  1-61034-870-2
Genre:  {M/F}, BDSM, Paranormal, Series
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph 

After being given an ultimatum, Dante decides to find a consort that is unacceptable to his father.  Kaja has been cast out from her pack and then kidnapped and taken as a consort/bondmate for the various plane states. 

Beast refers to the fact that Kaja is a werewolf in this second installment of A Faery Story series.  Kaja realizes just how bad her life had been until she met Dante, but feels that she is only temporarily in his life.  This story is about betrayal and finding real friends and enemies, some that will surprise you.  Some of the returning characters play a very important part as Dante and Kaja learn more about each other as they feel their way through their relationship.

As civil war plays an important part in this story and the war starts playing a more active role throughout the book.  As various worlds determine where they stand, the danger to all starts getting very intense.  This story is also about choices and how they affect everyone’s life, sometimes with unintended consequences.  The author has definitely drawn me into this world and I can’t wait for the next book.  Yes, you need to read these in order.

The reader learns more about the society of the various paranormal worlds, or planes, as they are called.  The societal mores regarding consorts and bondmates got more interesting as I read.  Tournaments to compete for one are the norm, though Dante didn’t have to fight for Kaja, due to some interesting circumstances.  Dante and Kaja relationship is hot so be prepared.

The Nobleman and the Knave

Title: The Nobleman and the Knave
Author: Pelaam
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
ISBN: 9781920501198
Genre: {M/M} Historical
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx   

Timon’s plan to spend a quiet evening at home was interrupted by his soon-to-be brother-in-law Sir Jocelyn’s closest friends.  Taking a carriage, they travel to a squalid area near the harbor, delivering the three men at the door of a bawdy house.  Escorted to a back room, Timon is outraged to see an exotic young man’s chained naked body displayed openly, a beauty who is destined to become a sex slave for Jocelyn. 

The Nobleman and the Knave has an engaging plot that lives up to the title.  The setting is an island in the Caribbean.  The character personalities are exceptionally convincing.  Timon is an honorable, compassionate man.  The family’s fortune has gone from a life of wealth to the appearance of wealth for Timon and his sister Leah, after the death of their father.  Leah is a vain, heartless young woman, whose only concern is her social status.  Equally heartless is the ruthless, manipulative, selfish Jocelyn, who uses marriage as protection to hide his true sexuality.    

Agapito is the slave rescued by Timon and like Timon, Agapito is honorable as well as very passionate. Timon and Agapito experience true love at first sight.  They spend stolen moments expressing their incredibly sensual love along with strengthening the bond comparable to a marriage between them.  In Agapito’s homeland, same sex displays of affection and marriage is perfectly acceptable as well as legal. 

Pelaam has created a superb saga illustrating an excellent blend of egotistical corruption, mayhem, in addition to an emotionally inspiring gallantry that I enjoyed immensely.

Commando Cowboys Rescue Their Bride

Title:  Commando Cowboys Rescue Their Bride
Author:  Paige Cameron
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN:  1-61034-916-4
Genre:  {M/F/M}, Paranormal, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amazon Nymph 

Ethan is undercover but rescues Morgan when he realizes she has been drugged.  Ethan and his brother have been looking for their woman and thinks Morgan is theirs. 

The second book in the Wyoming Warriors series is intense and highly emotional.  Commando Cowboys Rescue Their Bride kept my interest throughout, and readers learned more about their society and the type of work they do.  Betrayal is part and parcel of undercover work and the fear for a loved one’s safety can play a big part of the job. 

I did want to slap Justin for some of the judgments he made about Morgan, which caused him to try to deny that she was his and Ethan’s.  I did mentally slap Morgan’s mother for all the insecurities she fostered in her, but Justin and Ethan did their best to let Morgan know that a lot of what she was worried about didn’t matter.  I can understand why Morgan hid a lot of her background, especially because she wanted to fit in and just be ‘normal’. 

Keep ice on hand as you read the scenes between the three.  Do try to read the first book as Morgan’s friend plays an important role, even though she is a secondary character in this book.  I am waiting to see what happens in the next book, especially if it involves Morgan’s other friend.

One Knight Only

Title:  One Knight Only
Author:  Michelle Miles
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
ISBN:  9781419936494
Genre:  {M/F} Paranormal, Fantasy, Medieval Historical
Rating:  4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer:  Amethyst Nymph 

The best way to work on her thesis was for Maggie Chase to travel through Scotland.  It seemed like a good idea, until an accident left her stranded at a deserted castle.  The next day, Maggie mysteriously wakes up in the arms of one very sexy man.  With the help of a Fae princess, Maggie learns she’s been sent back in time.  She has to help break a curse if Maggie ever hopes to return home again.  

Finn McCullough is in a hurry to get to a jousting tournament.  Winning is the only way the knight can pay off his debts and save his lands.  Waking up with Maggie in his bed has Finn suspicious.  He knows she‘s lying about who she is and where she came from.  Even though she’s a distraction, Finn decides to take Maggie with him.  All he has to do is keep her out of trouble until the tournament is over.   

Once she realized there were so many people with problems and so little time to fix them all, Maggie puts her thesis on the back burner.  Maggie gets caught up in everything from matchmaking to jousting, even though she’s been warned not to.  If it would help her get home again, Maggie was willing to do anything.  As her attraction to Finn grew, so did Maggie’s mixed feelings about leaving him.  The interference of an earl, who was up to no good, puts Finn and Maggie in some dangerous situations.  Even Fae magic might not be enough to help them. 

Several times I feared history would repeat itself for Finn and his opponent.  If Finn had a bit more willpower, he wouldn’t be in this situation.  However, he was such an honorable man, I couldn’t scold him for his weakness.  I think I was more proud of him than Maggie and I never believed for a minute that he would harm a female.  Her efforts to protect Finn warmed my heart, especially when she nursed him back to health.  I also enjoyed the Fae characters and their story.  It would be interesting to know how things worked out for them as well.  One Knight Only is a wonderful story about honor and the endless boundaries of love.

When I Fall

Title: When I Fall
Author: Belinda McBride
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61118-579-9
Genre: {M/M} Futuristic, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx   

Griffin Hawke, former bodyguard to Helios Dayspring, still takes his duty of guarding Helios seriously though their titles and duties have changed.  Sun Priest warrior Helios is now the king and Griffin is the consort of the king, Helios’ future husband.    

When I Fall is the second book in the An Uncommon Whore Series.  The theme features the political aspects of building a homeland on a new planet for the survivors of the war-torn planet Arash.  The plot is impressively complex with a spy network, secrets, traitors and combative councilmen.  The issues resemble today’s Earth.  Their new home, Neo Domus, is a mineral rich planet, however; Helios is intelligent enough to know their armed forces cannot guard the planet against enemy attacks without support from Interstellar Coalition of Planets.  Fortunately the coalition agrees with Helios’ plan to secure the future of his people without destroying the land.  Also illustrated is the balancing of public duties with attempts to have a private life.  Helios and Griffin struggle with bouts of jealously, individual turmoil, as well as a growing isolation from each other. The entity that is apparent throughout the story is the bond Helios and Griffin share. 

Belinda McBride's When I Fall is an exciting and exceedingly enjoyable saga.

Guarding Morgan

Title: Guarding Morgan
Author: R.J. Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 9781920501518
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Crime Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx                                 

When Morgan Drake witnesses the murder of a young woman in an alleyway near his home, he ends up under FBI protection so he can testify against the cop responsible. When the safe house is compromised and his FBI protector is shot, Morgan follows the agent’s instructions and runs.  

Nikolai Valentinov has worked for Sanctuary, a private high security company, since leaving the FBI the year before. When his ex-partner contacts him with the news he’s sending Morgan to him for safety, Nik heads out to intercept him before the bad guys do. Little does he imagine that two weeks alone in an isolated mountain cabin can start something special?  Something more than keeping Morgan alive and that could change his life forever. 

Guarding Morgan is the first release in R.J. Scott’s new series, A Sanctuary Story. Having a character go into a witness protection situation isn’t a new premise but in this case, Ms. Scott twisted it around and started with action and Morgan running for his life. The first chapters give a good feel for the personalities of both men. Morgan is alone, scared out of his mind and wounded but still willing to trust the man he’s been sent to. He’s likable immediately and anyone can relate to the fear he’s experiencing as he battles to stay alive and find the courage to still testify. Then there’s Nik. This guy is big, dominant and world weary and in need of rest, but still willing to come running when a friend calls. He tries to be totally professional so he can keep Morgan safe but he can’t resist forever or deny their attraction either. 

That being said, Nik does manage to keep Morgan at arm’s length for a big portion of the story, so this book definitely isn’t a jump-into-bed-immediately type of read. It’s more subdued and the guys are allowed to build a personal relationship first…you can feel their growing emotional attachment even though they’re being guys and not talking about it. And yes there are plenty of funny things going on and the sex is hot. 

More twists and turns come near end as the trial date gets closer and the villains get more desperate. The scenes at the courthouse are filled with action but at this point the story seems somewhat rushed as it moves quickly toward the end. It also jumps in time instead of flowing smoothly like the other parts of the story. Lastly, there are a few plot threads left dangling, but I’m assuming that since this is a continuing series that these will be dealt with at a later date. I look forward to the next release in this thoughtful, well plotted, entertaining series.