Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Perilous Partnership

Title: Perilous Partnership
Author: Ariel Tachna
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61581-634-7
Genre: {M/M} Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

During the war, the partnership between Raymond Payet and Jean Bellaiche was rather rocky but in the months since it’s end, they’ve settled into a loving and committed personal relationship that gives them balance and satisfaction. Jean drinks only Raymond’s blood and Raymond spends each night wrapped in Jean’s arms.

Raymond being appointed president of l’Association Nationale de Sorcellerie and Jean continuing in his role of chef de la Cour of the Parisian vampires puts an unexpected strain on both men. It only gets more intense with the formation of a foundation for research and education into the partnership bonds between vampire and wizards begins. There are opponents - vampires, human and wizards - who’d like to see them fail and some aren’t above using vandalism, threats and arson to get what they want.

Working closely and juggling two careers while dealing with threats and uncertainties is difficult. It tests Raymond and Jean’s relationship and when Jean wants to take it to the next level, Raymond balks at the pressure. Can these two passionate men find a way to make their love work or with the demands of their professional lives pull them apart?

Perilous Partnership is a sequel to the Partnership in Blood series. While this release does include all the primary characters from the four previous books, it focuses primarily on Jean and Raymond, the growth of their relationship and the life they’re building together now that the war is over. For readers of the series, this sequel is an absolute must. For those who have yet to read the books, I would recommend that they be read in order to get the greatest understanding out of the continuing plot line and character relationships.

Since the war is over the overall pace of this book, at least in the beginning, is slower. Life is getting on, partnerships are developing and jobs are changing as vampires and wizards are going back to a world without the constant threat of war. Ms. Tachna vividly describes the attitudes, dangers and difficulties experienced with starting their new research center in the countryside. The new characters are well developed and add interest to the story; the old characters give familiarity and continuity.

From the moment Jean and Raymond were introduced, they became one of my favorite partnership couples, so I was thrilled to find them the main characters of this release. Ms. Tachna did an excellent job with the growth of their relationship, showing not just their love, tenderness, passion and commitment but their uneasiness and fear of being hurt.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the premise for these books and the characters, and recommend them to any reader who enjoys paranormal fantasy; especially those involving vampires, wizards and magic. I’d love to say that there was going to be additional books planned but at the end of the story, I just couldn’t tell, and the author’s website didn’t give me a clue.

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Ariel Tachna said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to review Perilous Partnership. I'm glad you enjoyed it, both its differences and its similarities to the original series. I do have at least one more story floating around in my head, but I have a few other commitments first, so I don't want to make any promises about when, or even if, it will be written and published. That said, my vampires have a way of taking over my brain. *g*