Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sarah They’re Coming For You

Title: Sarah They’re Coming For You
Author: Susan Kronick
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Publisher URL: http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/
ISBN: 978-1-936222-32-2
Genre: {M/F} Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Goddess Minx

Sarah Pullman has gotten her Ph.D. in psychology with a specialty in paranormal studies and she is a medium, along with being a psychic. Since the tender age of nine, she has been haunted by evil spirits and she didn’t know how to ward them off but her guardian angel, her great-great-great-great grandfather Hermann kept them at bay for her. It didn’t matter where she was, there were times the evil spirits visited her, calling to her to come to them.

For fourteen years Sarah has taught at the university and as a medium, she also has cleansed unwanted spirits from haunted houses for people. She has had to keep most of the hauntings, and bad dreams, to herself because her family thought she was a little crazed. Sarah decides to take a trip to her ancestral home in Austria, to solve the mystery of the curse on her family. Her husband wants her to wait until spring and did everything to try to persuade her but she is determined, and knowing that her time of being able to fight off the evil hauntings is running out.

Sarah They’re Coming For You is a very unique story, and I must say that I really enjoyed reading this book. There were times when I wanted to tell Sarah to get a grip, but I understood that her years of fear from the evil hauntings had changed her behavior. Once I found out why she was haunted toward the end of the story, everything made more sense to me and I found myself rooting her on to complete her journey to her ancestral home to face the curse of the ancestors for her survival.

Ms. Kronick has impressed me with her creative storytelling of ghost, mediums and evil spirits. She did a great job on the detailed research in this story and of the country of Austria. This really has me adding it to my list of places to go. The story is very well-plotted and the surprise towards the end of the book may shock you, but I won’t give it away here. If you enjoy a story with a good haunting story, I am sure you will enjoy this one!

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