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Deep Indigo

Title: Deep Indigo
Author: Cathryn Cade
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publishers URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60928-365-0
Genre: {M/F} Paranormal SciFi, Futuristic
Rating: 4 NymphsLiterary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Commander Daron Navos is a man of rigid control, even locking away his physical needs behind a wall of ice. Everything changes with the arrival of his new intern, Nelah, who he finds more tempting than he can resist.

Nelah’s had a case of hero-worship for Navos for some time and jumped at the chance to intern with him, never imagining her sexual fantasies might come true. Unfortunately, the two are put at odds almost immediately when he discovers her step-father is his bitter enemy, Cyan.

Despite Navos’ anger, he and Nelah must soon join forces to stop a sabotage attempt and their intimate mind-joining sends them into a post-battle night of sizzling passion. As Nelah learns to use her abilities, it becomes clear someone powerful is remotely controlling those trying to destroy their ship. Can Navos open his heart to love and what’s he going to do if Nelah must allow herself to be sacrificed in order to save the Orion?

Deep Indigo is the fourth and last release in the Orion series by author Cathryn Cade and this final installment is a nice wrap-up of a well plotted story arc and might actually be the best yet. While it could be enjoyed on its own, I do recommend the books be read in order for greatest understanding and enjoyment.

The main male character in this book is Navos, a stoic half-human/half Indigon male. He’s an interesting personality and in some ways, reminds me of Spock on the old Star Trek series in that he prides himself on his dedication to his position and the control of his emotions. Yet Navos is angry after young Nelah boards the ship and he doesn’t know how to handle it so he lashes out, showing he’s far from cold and unfeeling. Nelah is young, mostly untrained, strong-willed and her hero-worship of Navos is seductive. Ms. Cade putting these two together in a sizzling hot sexual relationship that’s also filled with anger, turmoil and danger works nicely; playing both characters off the other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The flow of the book is smooth, and its action-packed from beginning to end, keeping the readers interest as Navos, Nelah and the supporting characters try to keep the Orion from being destroyed. The villain isn’t a surprise but that doesn’t make the story, or its resolution, a disappointment as Ms. Cade uses great creativity to save the day and give our hero and heroine the happily-ever-after they want.

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Cathryn Cade said...

Dear Dragon Minx,

thanks for the first review of Deep Indigo. So cool to be read by a reviewer who loves sci fi/futuristic and a good romance.