Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Love Is Not Enough

Title: When Love Is Not Enough
Author: Wade Kelly
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-61581-984-3
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary
Rating: Golden Blush
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx 

Living with an unstable mother was never easy for Jimmy Miller but it got worse after his parents divorced. It led to six years of arguing with his mother, fighting in school and keeping secrets from his best friend Matt after he fell in love with Darian. Finally the pain is too much to bear and he ends it all, leaving behind a furious friend and emotionally wrecked lover. 

In the aftermath of Jamie’s death, Matt and Darian form an unexpected bond that could be threatened by the truths hidden in Jamie’s journals. Matt is determined to learn what really happened to his friend, but can he? Will the pain of what happened be enough for he and Darian to build something lasting when they’ve already learned that sometimes love isn’t enough? 

When Love is Not Enough is an outstanding story by first time author Wade Kelly and according to his website is the first release in the new Unconditional Love series.  I have to admit that when I realized this gem was part of the Bittersweet Dreams set of titles, I almost passed it up, but I’m glad I didn’t. The basis for this well written and plotted story is Jimmy’s suicide, so it’s filled with pain, anger and deep, raw emotional upset. My warning…be ready for a few tears. 

It’s told in three perspectives. Some are from Jimmy/Jamie’s dated journal entries over a period of years, flashback scenes while Jamie and Matt are growing up and present day ones with Matt and Darian at the funeral and their new relationship, sparked by their mutual grief. I expected to be angered by their instant attraction but surprising I wasn’t. The constant switch of viewpoints could have also been confusing but Mr. Kelly did a great job of keeping the plot straight and the story flowing smoothly. 

Mr. Kelly has made Jamie into a sweet and confused guy who comes from a divorced home and who lives with a controlling, abusive mother. The person who gets him through his high school years is his best friend Matt, a sexually promiscuous but closeted gay, even while young. These two are together as much as possible as they grow up, but Jamie still has secrets from his buddy…and that’s when Darian enters the story. He’s crazy about Jamie from the start and becomes totally committed to him. So years later with Jamie’s suicide, he’s totally devastated, bringing him together with Matt. 

All these varied pieces of the puzzles…family, friends and life experiences…have been expertly juggled by this author into a gripping, cohesive whole that I couldn’t stop reading. Yes, Matt and Darian becoming a couple is a bit shocking but it fits into their pain and grief, but this story isn’t really about them. It’s about Jamie. The love he had for his friend Matt and his father. How he fell for Darian and his confusion over his desires. But mostly it’s about him growing up and the emotional and physical pain he suffered for being different. Yes, I wish Jamie could have lived, but his story leads to the beginning of what could be a happily-ever-after for Matt and Darian. Get this one and read it!

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Wade said...

hey. The sequel was published on August 16th, for anyone interested :) The Cost of Loving.