Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tian's Hero

Title: Tian's Hero
Author: Cherie Noel
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publisher URL: spsilverpublishing.com/
ISBN: 9781920502201
Genre: {M/M/M} Science Fiction, Series
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx  

Naknti Intelligence Service agent Lewell'yn is on a mission to find the only pure blood Naknti still capable of breeding. Though confused as to why he was chosen for this mission, Lewell'yn felt compelled to at least try to locate the fabled lost colonists. What Lewell'yn found is a medic who smelled of cloves and honey and a chef with the calming scent of peaches. 

Tian's Hero is the first book in The Akanti series. This full size novel has a complex plot with many mystifying twists, deceptions, humor, some intimate moments as well as, in-depth characters. The pirate ship is bound for the planet Kyrth, home of the Kyrthians, predators who hunt slaves as a blood sport. Tian is one of the many kidnapped men slated to be the Kyrthian’s prey. Lewell'yn’s secret assignment is to rescue the captives. Kayron is the ship’s medic. The main element of the plot is the deceptions surrounding the heritage of the three men and how each man is the salvation of the other two men. 

Lewell'yn has genius level intelligence capable of reprogramming computers, medical skills, muti-tasking, tracking scents from a distance and swiftly assassinating his enemies. Lewell'yn never understood his dark side or why only Tian and Kay had a calming effect on him until he returned to his home planet Naknti. 

Kayron’s home planet is Ciarlund; he was a high ranking medical student until he discovered his father’s plan to disown him for being gay. Like Lewell’yn, Kay was not aware of his true heritage.  

Tian knew he was Akanti and understood his heritage. Tian was raised by loving parents who tried to teach Tian all the skills needed to be a productive adult; however, the only lessons Tian focused on was cooking.

Tian's Hero is an exciting action-packed, incredibly enjoyable romantic suspense.

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