Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wildest Dreams: A Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox Mystery

Author: Sharon Maria Bidwell
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN/BIN: 978-1-62300-536-8
Genre: {M/M} Contemporary Suspense
Rating: 3 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox are CID Detective Inspectors and they’re currently working together on a case trying to track down the supplier of a new drug-REM. All information is need-to-know as the drug is dangerous, causing odd behavior in all people exposed to it. After checking on a victim, Frederick and Riley head to Scotland to follows up on several leads.

It’s a tough investigation as Frederick and Riley’s personal relationship is anything but smooth. Then they make contact with a man who turns out to be the supplier and find themselves in dire straits—the newest victims. Getting less of the drug, Frederick is their only hope and he must find Riley, who is hallucinating and running feral through the woods. Can they find their way back to sanity, safety and civilization?

Wildest Dreams: A Frederick Dick and Riley Silcox Mystery is the newest release by Sharon Marie Bidwell. It’s an M/M romance set within the confines of a police drug investigation. While the finale seems open-ended, I have no idea whether there will be additional books following these two lovers.

I finished this story a few days ago and it’s taken me several more to get my thoughts together. The blurb is like a typical police drama that I read routinely, so it seemed like a good fit for me. I was disappointed. While the premise had great potential, I don’t feel any of its realized. I found the personalities of Frederick and Riley underdeveloped, and while they might make a good couple—their relationship is rushed and not given the chance to develop. I found the descriptions bland and the plot confusing at times, requiring me to reread portions. 

Honestly, I thought the story odd and disjointed at times. And I have no idea why the author felt the need to suddenly include a bit of BDSM. It didn’t really go with anything else in the plot line. The dark edge of the story, which should have been a plus, wasn’t.  Between the aforementioned niggles, the uneven pace and the strange personality of the drug supplier, who ended up having such a prominent role, I was too distracted. Ultimately, I just didn’t care about either character. 

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