Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Butt Riders On The Range

Author: Anthology
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Publisher URL: www.wildecity.com
ISBN: 978-1-925313-12-3
Genre:  {M/M} Comedy
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

Hung Like A Horse by JP Barnaby - 4 Nymphs
Horse shifter Riley Harper is as skittish as a colt, always afraid someone would discover his secret. Fortunately, Riley’s days of hiding comes to an end when he meets John North, a Missouri farmer who turns out to be Riley’s new protector, friend and lover.  A striking heartwarming romance, the characters are engaging with a touch of amusement.

Chinchilla Chimichangas by Kage Alan - 4 Nymphs
Chris, along with his very opinionated imaginary friends, is taking a Route sixty-six trip mapped out long ago by his father. Detoured by a storm to a small farming community in Oklahoma, Chris meets Cameron, the cowboy of his dreams, as well as sanctioned by his make-believe friends.  The imaginary friends are especially humorous and contribute a pleasant balance to an emotional theme.
Squatting With Spurs On by Kiernan Kelly - 4 Nymphs
Live, love and repeat this is the magical time warp Dooley McCallister and Buck Caldwell are caught in. Dooley has no memory of his previous life spans, but fortunately Buck remembers each and every one. No matter the current century, Buck and Dooley always go back to their first Montana home together.  This story gives a humorous innovative meaning to the turn of phrase “I will always love you”.

Faux Cowboy by Shae Connor - 3 Nymphs
Doug Shaw heads to New York in hopes of having a little fun. Growing up on a farm in Wyoming did not offer much for a gay cowboy. However, meeting the cowboy pretender Jackson James at a western themed saloon soon fulfilled Doug’s erotic riding desires. Enjoyable as a one time read only, the casual hook-up theme did not exhibit any noteworthy actions or believable personality qualities. The unexciting one-dimensional characters did not completely employ my interest.   

Hooves And Horns by Eden Winters - 5 Nymphs
Kerry Abrams is a champion bull rider and Armando is a champion bronco rider. Though Kerry and Armando enjoy pleasing their rodeo fans as well as each other between shows, the secret to the lover’s rodeo success is that they are both shifters.  The character interaction is laugh out loud hilarious; I enjoyed the vibrant descriptions that draw the reader into the storyline.

The Boy From Battalion Bluff by Jevocas Green - 5 Nymphs
High noon everyday the townsfolk would gather on Main Street. The men gathered in hopes of being selected and the women gathered in envy to watch Dr. Feel-Good walk down the center of the street. The Doc’s mission was to select one lucky man to receive the Doc’s special brand of relaxing therapy. After waiting for months for his chance, Toby, the stable boy, finally got lucky. The principle of this plot is the old west meets another world. The storyline features exceptionally loving characters and a blissful conclusion.

The Five Hells War by Ally Blue - 5 Nymphs
Sometimes it is the little guy who wins. Salvador Flint owns a small ranch surrounded by greedy corporate ranchers willing to try everything, including hiring corporate lawyer Balthazar Shellenbarger to force Salvador out of business. But upon meeting Salvador, Balthazar found Salvador to be an honest man with a skill for more than ranching. The setting is not Earth, however the corruption illustrated in the plot is a realistic image of Earth. The storyline provokes outrage and the characters encourage cheers.   

And The Horse He Rode In On by TC Blue - 4 Nymphs
Texas sheep rancher Tyler and poacher Jason is an unlikely pair of shifters, yet there is an undeniable attraction between them that works. Of course it took months for the two to find common ground. Nevertheless Tyler and Jason managed to work through their differences to become lovers. The main features of the plot are an amusing dialog merged with compassionate characters. 

Overall, Butt Riders On The Range is a marvelous assortment of incredibly entertaining stories.

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