Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Millionaire Upstairs

Author: M.J. O’Shea
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press  
ISBN/BIN: 9781634767941
Genre: {M/M}, Contemporary, Dreamspun Desires           
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

A job at Harrison Kingsley was a dream Sasha thought would never come true.  When an interview turns right into a job offer, he is thrilled.  His day is made when he gets the chance to meet the king himself, Harrison Kingsley, until he realized the man was a bit of an ass. 

Dreamspinner Press has started a new subscription line, Dreamspun Desires, similar to the Harlequin Romance books many readers are familiar with.  The line, which started this month, will put out two books each month.  The Millionaire Upstairs is one of January’s books and is written by author M.J. O’Shea.  This story brings the readers two characters that pulled me into the story right away and, let me warn you, Harrison Kingsley is not always a likeable man.

This story takes place within the fashion world and throws Sasha, a young man from a small town, up against Harrison, the reigning fashion leader and all around ass.  Their first introduction to each other is a bit of a classical maneuver with Sasha celebrating his new job and Harrison being a jerk.  Move ahead a couple of years and Sasha is excelling at his job while making sure he avoids Harrison as much as possible.  When these two are thrown together, there is a connection that exists neither man knows how to handle.  As I mentioned earlier, Harrison is not very likeable in the beginning and I wanted to tell Sasha to move on and forget about the attraction he feels for the older man.  Once readers learn more about the fashion guru, it is easier to understand why he acts the way he does. 

The Millionaire Upstairs has all the look and feel of the old Harlequin books.  It is fast-paced and while the sex scenes exist, they are not over the top.  The secondary characters are as entertaining as the main characters, which helps move the story along. Fans of Ms. O’Shea are sure to love this story and, for those who have not yet tried any books by this author, The Millionaire Upstairs is a great place to start. 

I will be interested in seeing what the publisher has planned for this line. 

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