Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Awakening the Alpha

Author: Carolina Valdez
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL: www.loose-id.com
ISBN: 978-1-68252-151-9
Genre: {M/M} Shapeshifters         
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Former Navy SEAL sniper Blaze Canis finds out the hard way that trust is a part of love. Keeping secrets from his lover, Native American Logan Swift Rider almost destroyed their relationship shortly after it began.

Awakening the Alpha is a budding interracial romance. The setting is Yellowstone Park with some interesting history about the area including the dangerous animals the tourist is likely to encounter.

Blaze is an alpha werewolf who chose not to be the leader of a pack because he is gay. The thought of mating with a female was unacceptable for Blaze so he chose instead to join the Navy. Now that he has retired, Blaze misses the friendship of his military unit.   

Logan left the reservation to become an artist. Also being gay, Logan could not carry on the Shoshone’s expected tradition of marriage and fathering children. Logan continues to speak his native language at times as well as remembers some of the myths learned as a child. It is one particular native myth that caused a major misunderstanding between Logan and Blaze.

Carolina Valdez has created an amiable saga that I enjoyed. I found the Shoshone tribe history especially interesting.  

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