Monday, October 11, 2010

Wolf's Survival

Title: Wolf's Survival
Author: T. A. Chase
Publisher: Amber Allure
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 13: 978-1-60272-753-3
Genre: {M/M} Werewolf
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Jacob Tasker is on one of his rare visits to town when he meets Oliver Wingate, a conservationist working for the Department of Interior. Oliver has come to Red Cliff, Idaho to inform the ranchers of the government’s plan to re-introduce wolves into the territory. However, most of the ranchers object to the plan. Jacob has no problem with the arrangement; in fact Jacob prefers the wolves more than the townspeople. When Jacob finds Oliver severely beaten near Jacob’s home the next night, Jacob vows to protect Oliver from all the residents of Red Cliff from that day forward.

Wolf's Survival is an exceptionally well written romance. The characters are emotionally realistic. Jacob Tasker is a lone wolf; his pack was slaughtered by the ancestors of the area ranchers. Years ago, Jacob learned to accept his solitary life; coming to town only when he needed supplies or medical treatment for his pure bred dogs. Jacob did not like the townspeople and several of them had proven to be untrustworthy over the years. Meeting Oliver changed Jacob’s outlook about people somewhat. After claiming Oliver for his mate, Jacob learned to tolerate Oliver’s co-workers who stayed on Jacob’s ranch for short periods of time.

Oliver is a shy man who could not resist Jacob. Therefore, he was ecstatic when Jacob insisted that Oliver stay at the ranch permanently. Oliver loves, as well as respects, wolves. Oliver tends to blush along with being tongue tied in Jacob’s company; however, he has no problem going to battle for the wolf’s survival.

Wolf's Survival is a superb expressively breathtaking love saga. The intimate scenes are exceedingly sensual. The amazing T. A. Chase has created an incredible story that I enjoyed immensely.

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