Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leif’s Surrender

Title: Leif’s Surrender
Author: Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59578-772-9
Genre: {M/F} Werewolf Shape-shifter
Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

Jaden isn’t a raving beauty and she knows it. In truth she’s rather plain, needs glasses and insists on wearing her hair pulled up tight in a pony tail and even though she does have killer curves, keeps them hidden under baggy, uninspired clothes. When she notices the hunky guy in her cashier’s line, she knows her looks could never attract his attention. Yet he returns the next day and kisses her breathless in front of the entire store, making her think that maybe she’ll see him again.

Leif is a ladies man and doesn’t want a mate, so when a very pregnant Roxie sends him to the grocery story because she has a craving for ice cream, he’s not happy to come face to face with his mate. In a panic, he pays for the ice cream and runs out of the market like his tail’s on fire. He soon discovers that resisting the mating urge is more difficult than he imagined and he can’t stay away from Jaden, no matter how hard he tries. Jaden’s his and Leif has to claim her.

Leif’s Surrender is the newest release in Marisa Chenery’s ongoing Roxie’s Protectors series. There’s a good continuation of the ongoing plotline arc and it was great seeing the returning characters from the previous stories. And Roxie being pregnant was a great addition, as was Leif’s reaction to being sent on an ice cream run for her cravings. Perfect.

Leif’s internal struggle to hold out against his mating urge is nicely done, as is the good natured ribbing his friends give him after they discover he’s mated. Watching him fight tooth and nail to stay away from Jaden is fun as his final surrender forced on him by his friends, which was another well done scene.

Ms. Chenery has come up with a great character in Jaden. She’s a nice woman with a terrible, sad past who’s struggled financially her entire life. Adding Leif to her world is a high point and when these two finally get together, they’re sizzling hot; the passion intense and almost overwhelming.

Miles, the villain of the story, is still present and causing problems and there are a couple of plot revelations near the end involving him that will undoubtedly make a change in future books. At least I’m expecting them to influence his actions. My one wish regarding this story is that it would have been just a little longer to have allowed more development at the ending, as it seemed a little abrupt and squished together. Don’t

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