Monday, January 3, 2011


Title: Closer
Author: Charlotte Stein
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60928-234-9
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary
Rating: 3.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amethyst Nymph

Judy had gone from being a normal train rider to a woman with a dirty little secret. Her daily commute was doing more than getting her to and from work. Being pressed in the corner with an anonymous man’s front to her back and surrounded by countless strangers daily gave Judy some of the best orgasms she had ever had. Each day, Judy fantasized about taking things a step farther until the day she got caught.

The attractive stranger by the window had seen Judy and knew what she was doing. Instead of a look of disgust on his face, Judy saw something else in his pale blue eyes. Maybe Santa was bringing Judy something different this year. Was it possible that this man shared her kinky fetish?

My curiosity was piqued by Closer, the latest addition to the Merry Kinkmas series when I read the blurb. Charlotte Stein did a good job of distracting me from the fact that Judy and Holt were getting busy in a public bathroom. They had some very passionate scenes that I think readers will enjoy. Judy had totally thrown caution to the wind, even though she did seem to give serious thought to some of her actions. There isn’t a lot of conversation between the two characters and Holt’s thoughts aren’t touched on that much until the end. He was obviously a good guy and I think Judy needed him. The story closed in what I think was the right ending and not predictable at all.

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