Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lucifer’s Choice

Title: Lucifer’s Choice
Author: Jianne Carlo
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-60737-923-2
Genre: {M/F} Multicultural Suspense
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amethyst Nymph

Physically and financially, Nalini Marajh has gained freedom from her controlling family and fiancé. Two years ago, she walked out on her dutiful life and Nalini has no intention of returning to it. When the cargo ship Nalini worked on was captured, she barely escaped with her life. The silver lining from this cloud gave her the opportunity to live out a fantasy from her teenage years. One night in bed with the man she’d been moon-eyed over since they’d spent family Christmas’ together. Immediately after, Nalini planned to drop out of sight again. Kismet stepped in and her plan went up in smoke.

A rescue mission turns into a life-altering experience for Sax “Lucifer” Anders. Up until now, no woman has ever gotten over on him. After one taste of a woman who gives him strange feelings of déjà vu, Sax is hooked. When he pieces things together and realizes who Nalini is, Sax hits the roof. If he’s able to successfully end her engagement, will he be able to convince Nalini to stay, or will she disappear again?

Nalini’s parents have an old school view on life and they disagree with the choices she’s made. Because of her family’s status in India, the circumstances surrounding Nalini’s engagement had to be handled very carefully. With the help of Sax and his team, Nalini might just have everything she wants. Her family begins to accept Nalini’s independence, but now Nalini begins to question her own actions. Nalini’s inner struggle almost cost her true happiness. Sax has a big ego and likes to control things. It’s the nature of his job, so I couldn’t hold that against him. Several times he offered himself as a scapegoat to help Nalini, even though he used excuses as to why this was the only course of action. Boy, was he jealous and I loved every moment of his unease. Sax knew when to give the reins of control to Nalini and when to put his foot down. And as much as Nalini constantly tried to assert her independence, she was shocked to discover that she liked it when Sax took over. This made for some very heated love scenes between the couple.

Lucifer’s Choice is the second story of the Hades Squad series and a wonderful read. It made me appreciate the freedoms I have and reminded me that many women don’t have the luxury of choosing love. I was left wanting to learn more about every member of Sax’s team, and I look forward to starting from the beginning of this series. It’s official; I am a fan of Jianne Carlo.

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