Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Shifter and the Dreamer

Title: The Shifter and the Dreamer
Author: Crissy Smith
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Publisher URL: http://www.total-e-bound.com/
ISBN: 978-0-85715-476-7
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary, Shape-shifter, Mystery
Rating: 3 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx

When Sheriff Katy Rose realizes a serial killer has come to her town, she has no choice but to call the lead FBI agent working the case. That’s puts her back into contact with Special Agent Cameron Morris, the man she loved but left behind, in order to hide her unique family gift.

Cameron had his own secrets and had every intention of going after Katy when the time was right. Knowing she’s in danger brings out all his protective instincts and he knows that no matter what, Katy is meant to be his mate. The questions are can they trust each other enough to reveal their secrets and can they stop a madman before he kills again.

The Shifter and the Dreamer is the first release in Crissy Smith’s new paranormal series, Secrets. The death in the opening pages started this story off with an intensity I wasn’t expecting for a mystery of its short length and I had high hopes with the concept, but it fell a little short. The story quickly shifts focus to the relationship of Katy and Cameron, but I had trouble feeling their connection…the chemistry binding them together.

The other thing I had trouble with was Katy’s attitude to her gift. It was clearly something that all the women in her family had, so why hate it so much…so why refuse to have children. This was just one example of a loose end that wasn’t completed and left me with questions.

The secondary characters of old friend Clint and sister Allysa are nice additions, helping to round out the plot, giving it a little extra creative flair. The killer made an additional appearance near the end where a few small pieces of information were added, also giving Cameron the chance to come in and save the day. I’m curious as to where Ms. Smith is going with the next release.

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