Monday, August 8, 2011

Draconian Measures

Title:  Draconian Measures
Author:  J.C. Owens
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN:  978-1-61118-408-2
Genre: {M/M} Fantasy, Series
Rating:  4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Scandalous Minx

Graitaan understood what was expected of him when he entered into the service of the King.  To no longer have his comrades at his side doesn’t make his situation any more pleasant and in fact, being surrounded by Finnarian warriors wears on his nerves.  He wants nothing to do with them or their leader, but he may not have a choice in the matter. 

Sadan is a prince among the immortal Finnarians.  He understands his attraction to Graitaan quite well, for the unyielding Draconian is his soul mate.  Sadan has waited as long as he plans to for Graitaan to come around.  Now he’s ready to maneuver his mate into a more compliant position. 

Will Graitaan learn to accept Sadan and all that he wants to give him, or will he fight until Sadan decides to give up his notion of taking him as a mate? 

For those who’ve enjoyed Gaven and Gaven 2 will definitely want to read Draconian Measures.  So many questions were answered for me in this installment.  J. C. Owens does a fantastic job of weaving a romance into a story filled with battles, on the fields as well as of wits, between the two main characters.  Sadan has a large ego and earned every bit of it over the centuries.  His persistence and determination made for interesting reading. 

Graitaan is a brilliantly written character.  When his past was revealed, it was easy to understand why his apprehension of taking the love and life Sadan offered.  He’s such a complicated character on some levels but in the end, he has the simplest wishes that his torn heart refuses to believe will come true.  He wishes for love, acceptance, family and happiness.  Sadan took his time and carefully removed each stone that encased his mate’s heart.  When subtle didn’t work, he had no trouble using passion and erotic delights until Graitaan had no choice but to give in and accept him as his equal and mate.  Their desire could be felt by all.  This is definitely a story that not only sheds light on their relationship, but also on one of my favorite characters. 

From the suspenseful scenes, to the vivid settings, J. C. Owens left nothing to chance with this latest installment.  I found the story a credit to the series and look forward to the future releases.

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