Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fur and Flightless

Title: Fur and Flightless
Author: Joyee Flynn
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 1-61034-822-2
Genre: {M/M} Paranormal Series
Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Dragon Minx 

After Lysander Wolf drinks the spiked champagne supplied by the Elders at the UPAC Conference, he doesn’t have a chance to escape before another shifter grabs him from behind and bites him. Unfortunately, the other guy thinks Lys is a woman. Oops. Now their mating can’t be undone.  

Lys is a lonely penguin shifter and a wealthy mechanical genius. He’s always wanted a mate to love him since his family never did, so the idea of being bound to an arrogant Alpha wolf…that’s straight…is not what he wants for his life.  

It never occurred to Rip Corbin that the long-haired beauty he grabbed from behind might be a man, so he’s beyond irritated to discover his mistake. Rip believes he’s straight and doesn’t have much empathy, so he has difficulty relating to others, which doesn’t bode well for accepting Lys as his new mate. Can Rip learn to be a true mate to Lys or will the little penguin find a way to break their uneasy bond? 

Fur and Flightless by Joyee Flynn is release twelve in the Midnight Matings series and it’s another fun and lighthearted read that’s entertaining and easy to enjoy.  

Most of the other matings in this series haven’t started well but this one is, by far the rockiest, with Rip mistaking Lys for a woman. I mean how demeaning is that? Then Rip insults his newly claimed mate not once but several times in a matter of minutes. Ms. Lynn did a good job expressing how badly they started off their relationship and the arrogance of Rip’s personality, which is just the opposite of sweet Lys 

The pairings the authors come up with for these stories always surprise me and this one more so than most others. I mean come on…a wolf and a large arctic flightless bird? The wolf pack background wasn’t anything unusual but I loved what the author came up with for Lys. Who knew fish could be an aphrodisiac for a penguin? That’s just one example of the creative things Ms. Flynn came up with.  

I enjoyed this one. The characters are interesting, flow of the story is smooth, it’s filled with high emotions, there’s lots of conflict (at least part of the time) between Lys and Rip, and there’s plenty of blistering hot sex. My only real niggle is that I wish we’d seen more of Rip’s point of view so as to get a better understanding of his uncertain emotions at the beginning of their mating.

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