Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Disasterology 101

Author: Taylor V. Donavan
Publisher: MLR Press
Publishers URL:
ISBN/BIN: MLR-1-02013-0115
Genre: {M/M}, Contemporary
Rating: Golden Blush Award
Literary Nymph Reviewer: Critter Nymph

Anyone would think that Kevin had everything going for him.  He has a loving wife, three terrific children and, at a time when work is hard to find, a steady paycheck.  But something is missing and, while the divorce was not his choice, Kevin knows it is time for a change.  Now divorced, Kevin plans to life the live he always wanted, that of a gay man.  The only problem is that he has no idea where or how to start.  Then he meets Cedric and his life takes turns he never saw coming.

Diasterology 101 is an outstanding book.  This is a story that centers on two men that normally may not have ever met, yet a chance encounter leaves an impression neither is willing to forget.  From the start, readers will see that this story is going to be something different.  How many stories can you name where the main characters meet in a sex shop back room?  Then there are the men themselves. 

Kevin has known for some time that he was gay but, not wanting to disappoint anyone, he lives a “normal” life.  Years later, after he and his wife divorce, Kevin decides he is going to go after what he’s always wanted.  To say that Kevin is nervous is an understatement.  The moments of confusion and uncertainty, as well as the fear he feels when family and friends find out that he is gay, all come across realistically.  Then there are his reactions to Cedric and the many issues that are attached to having a relationship with the young man.  

Cedric is a young wealthy architect.  While the fact that he is ten years younger than Kevin could, under normal circumstances, be an issue for some, it is his OCD that is the main problem.  As funny as this may sound, this is where Disasterology 101 really shines.  It is clear that the author has spent quite some time researching OCD, as not only does she get the little nuances surrounding the disorder correct, but the problems surrounding medications, side effects, relationships and living issues in general are all very true to form.  Because of Cedric’s OCD, the men’s relationship does not run as smoothly as either man would hope.  I liked that the author went this route rather than making the disorder something that can easily be overcome.  The way the author handles the men’s relationship makes the story believable. 

Disasterology 101 is also full of wonderfully written secondary characters.  Kevin’s kids, especially his youngest, at times steal the scenes.  I loved how understanding they were when Kevin tells them he is gay, and the way Ava reveals that her daddy is gay had me chuckling.  This is a very well-written story.  I was pulled in from the very beginning and could not put the story down.  This is one book I will be re-reading again and again.

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