Thursday, March 19, 2015


Title: Fortuity
Author: Darcy Abriel
Publisher: Amber Allure
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-61124-751-0
Genre: {M/M/M} Futuristic Series
Rating: 3 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Chocolate Minx 

In the minds of the general society, Pandemonia is the more humane solution to dealing with social misfits. However, there are a few people like Dr. Swane Fox and political prisoner August who believes not all prisoners trapped on old earth are beyond redemption.

Fortuity is the first book in the Pandemonia series. The premise of the plot showcases Earth after an intergalactic war, as well as the political corruption in power. Those who conformed to the laws and the powerful people were transported to other planets to establish a new life. The people deemed as social misfits became lab experiments for scientific researchers. The purpose of the scientist doing human experiments is not clear.

The characters lack dimension, the activities exhibited was not convincing, the rather mundane terminology did not engage my interest. 

I found the brief history description to be interesting, though I got the impression that the primary intent of the story was not completely revealed enough to read again.      

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