Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Night in Budapest

Author: Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
ISBN/BIN: 9781310183492
Genre: {M/F} Contemporary
Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Rose Nymph

Hermione had hoped for a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, but after an unexpected breakup, she finds herself alone on a night time river cruise in Budapest. There was no way she was going to miss out on an experience of a lifetime just because he had fallen for someone else. Her camera at the ready, Hermione puts the past behind her and concentrates on capturing all the beautiful sights of the city.

When a gorgeous waiter named Emil walks into view however, it’s a little harder to concentrate. He seems to have taken a shine to her, and offers to act as tour guide for the remainder of her stay, leaving Hermione with a choice – spend the evening with a handsome local who knows all the secrets this city has to offer, or spend the night alone wondering what if? It doesn’t take long for Hermione to make her decision…

One Night in Budapest is a light hearted fantasy about visiting a far off exotic land, meeting a gorgeous man who you have instant chemistry with, proceeding to have the time of your life with said man, and just maybe falling in love when all is said and done…I was in heaven reading it. I loved Hermione and Emil. The anticipation between them built nicely, although there were misunderstandings that definitely made my frustration levels rise. I think that just made the ending that much more satisfying though. And there were such vivid descriptions of Budapest, it really made me yearn for a vacation of my own. 

One Night in Budapest is part of the publisher’s City Nights series that offers up stories from a variety of authors. I can highly recommend this instalment and look forward to seeing what else the series has to offer.

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